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Twin Flame Collective Energy Read: 02/12/24

Happy Valentine's Week to both the lovely Divine Masculines and Divine Feminines 🩷

This is an especially great week to connect to your inner romance, for both yourself and your Twin Flame. Whether or not you are currently in separation, there is still a lot of Divine love in the air, and celebrating that love is a great way to connect deeper in your Union. Curious on how? Check out the latest blog all about romanticizing yourself for Valentine's Day!

And now let's jump into this week's Divine channeled reading!

In the previous week, we saw progression with both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, specifically thoughtful and intentional action being made in their own unique way. It is crucial to understand that though they are mirrored, action and healing do not always look identical between the Masculine and the Feminine counterparts. They may be one at their core, but each polarity is still their own unique individual and progress can vary or maybe not seen by their partner. The desire for their Harmonious Union with their Twin Flame is very much present on both sides and it is encouraged for each counterpart to remind themselves of this, especially if in separation, while moving through their own healing journey.

In the previous week, we saw the Divine Feminine collective acknowledging and trusting in their Divine connection with their Twin Flame counterpart. They saw their connection for what it truly was, which is divinely guided and orchestrated for them to experience in this (and every) lifetime. They understood how persistence and confidence are on their journey, even if at times it feels like they are faking it till they make it. It is about the conscious effort to move forward, no matter how upsetting or defeating a moment may feel. They found themselves having to confront feelings around deceit and betrayal within their Twin Flame connection, whether that be from their Masculine or feelings within themselves.

This week, the Divine Feminine is taking the trust in their Divine Union and grounded energy gained in the previous week and moving forward with enthusiasm. This is a period where there is a lot to enjoy in their Twin Flame journey, whether they are in separation or in Union. This is a journey of self-discovery, self-love, and growing spiritually closer to God or whatever Source you most align with. It is with the joy, gratitude, and excitement to continue on that brings a chapter to a close within their journey and allows more abundance and more connection to come through.

Starting this with the Page of Pentacles, this heavily emphasizes that the Divine Feminine is entering a period where they are able to find more joy and excitement about what is coming next for them. This is not to say that feelings of discontent and grief about their situation cannot arise; they are still human and sad emotions can come in waves. However, the Feminine feels grounded and confident enough to take whatever is being presented to them and move forward with an enthusiastic drive. This is a new beginning for the Divine Feminine being manifested into the physical.

Not only is there a new beginning and new abundance being manifested into the 3D for the Feminine, but there is also a chapter closing, as presented by The World. There is transition here between what was and what will now be. How this could manifest can vary based on each Divine Feminine, but it is important to note that there is gratitude to be had no matter how this energy transmutes. This could be the ending of no contact. This could be the ending of doubt towards the self, their Twin Flame, and their Union. This could be the conclusion of a core wound that was blocking Union.

The World is also calling the Divine Feminine collective to celebrate this conclusion of whatever chapter may be closing for them and especially celebrate the beginning of what is to come.

The Three of Pentacles shows the importance of collaboration and a support system within this week. Though this week's Feminine energy is full of enthusiasm and excitement to continue forward, that does not mean a support system isn't going to be as equally beneficial as it would when the energy is heavier. Whether it be through coaching or a connecting with others on the Twin Flame journey, accepting support from others is hugely beneficial for all on this journey. Continuing to seek out the guidance of others can only help the Feminine (and the Masculine tbh) continue forward towards claiming their Harmonious Union.

Last week, much like their Feminine counterpart, the Divine Masculine collective's energy was surrounding perseverance and progressive, sustainable movement forward. They maintained a balance of holding grounded energy, while acting with inspiration (aka their Union with their Divine Feminine counterpart). There was a transmutation with their energy and it reflected in taking thoughtful, sustainable actions forward towards their Union.

The Divine Masculine is coming face to face with deeper heartbreak and emotional wounds within themselves as they enter into this new week. As painful as this may feel, it is through tending to this hurt within them that does open the doors for new beginnings and allow their desires to come through. The Masculine works just as hard towards their Union and experience the emotional weight of the Twin Flame journey just as heavily as their Feminine counterpart. It is through working through the heartbreak that they can open themselves up to receive the outcome they deserve.

With the Three of Swords as the first card, we see that the Divine Masculine is confronting heartbreak in connection to their Twin Flame in this week. This feels particularly strong towards those in separation, but that does not mean it will not resonate with those in Union. The heartbreak does not mean that there is going to be a separation and is not reflective of the status of their connection to their Feminine. More so, this is where upsets and hurts within them are being highlighted as they need to be tended to for further movement to occur.

We have both the Ace of Pentacles and The Justice card as confirmation for this!

The Ace of Pentacles comes in immediately after to confirm and show the Divine Masculine that it is through tending to the heartbreak they are feeling and healing those wounds that new opportunities can be presented to them. Holding onto what hurts them will not serve their higher purpose or their Union. Avoiding them and pretending they are not there or that they are not also hurt will not make it go away. The Masculine is being called to see what is hurting them, what is causing that heartbreak, for what it is and allow that open dialogue with themselves and God to take place so further healing can be done (cue the Mirror Exercise!) and they can move into the next stage closer towards Union. And as hard as these emotions may feel, the Masculine should take comfort and assurance that by doing this hard inner work, the opportunity it will open them up to will be sustainable, grounded, and create a solid foundation for their Twin Flame Union.

The Justice card appears as the final card for the Masculine presenting almost like an ultimatum for them. Do the inner work with genuine effort and persistence, then reap the reward. Or choose to avoid those feelings and heartbreak, then delay Union and have that choice mirrored back. The Justice in this situation is that the effort the Masculine puts forward is what will be given back to them by God (or whatever Source you align with). While this may feel like a threat or incite pressure, this is intended to be assurance to trust that healing through the heartbreak felt will be for their ultimate good and serve their Union.

In connection to the shared energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, last week there was a shared overwhelming emotion of carrying the burden of their Union alone. Both parties struggled with feelings of being the only one in their Twin Flame connection to be putting forth action to bring them into Union. It needs to be understood that the work is never on one partner in the Twin Flame connection; there is mutual work being done by both parties whether it is visible to the other partner or not. Simply put: Twin Flames will always mirror each other, so if one partner puts in the work towards their healing, so will their Twin Flame.

This week's energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is in complete alignment with Valentine's Day coming up! It is all about that 💕 Divine Love 💕. Cupid has arrive and is shooting arrows of love and confirmation towards both the Masculine and the Feminine. There is undeniable truth within both polarities that YES, this is their Twin Flame. There is light at the end of this tunnel; there is reward at the finish line. There is a deep love between the two polarities where they know without a doubt that this is their person.

Every single card pulled this week confirms this.

The Four of Wands is a major card in connection to Twin Flames. This is confirmation of your Divine connection. This is a celebration. This is reconciliation. This is Union. For Twin Flames currently in Union, the desire to pull their Twin Flame partner even closer and celebrate their connection. For Twin Flames in separation, this is your confirmation that Union is not that far away; it is on the horizon and the sun will rise and illuminate the path to bring the Masculine and Feminine together again.

The Nine of Pentacles is all about reaping the rewards of all the efforts being made. Both the Masculine and the Feminine have put in so much work and this week they are feeling the abundance that is manifesting because of that work. Whether or not they are in Union does not dictate whether or not they receive abundance within this week, because it is coming and there is no doubt about it.

Finally, The Lovers card is presented. It cannot get any clearer than that tbh. This is confirmation that this Twin Flame connection cannot be denied. Every late night spent working through upsets and every intense feeling that they need to love themselves through leads to a greater commitment with their Divine Partner. Both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are feeling this closeness with their Twin Flame and cannot deny their connection to their partner.

To continue this energy, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine need to move forward balancing their trust in Divine guidance and accepting personal responsibility for their Union. With the Eight of Swords presenting first, this is a reminder that while their Twin Flame connection is an act of God and is Divinely promised, the responsibility of their healing is on their shoulders. By claiming responsibility of their healing, it is moving the Masculine and the Feminine out of the passenger seat and into the driver's seat. It is claiming their Union and their journey and owning it.

With the Death card present after, this is a reminder that in order for the new to come in, the old must die. This is an invitation for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to face their deepest fears and heal through them. Letting go of what is no longer needed allows the new to come in. New can be very scary and both the Masculine and the Feminine need to remember that they are safe to navigate that fear. In fact, doing so is what allows that loving connection to grow stronger between the Masculine and the Feminine.

Finally, the Hierophant appears to continue to guide both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in their spiritual journey. The Twin Flame journey is spiritual in nature and it is in the spiritual healing for both the Masculine and the Feminine that their Union can manifest into their reality. Whether this be with the guidance of a Spiritual Instructor or Coach or by exploring the depths of themselves with love, this is a key component to keeping the loving energy and trust that is developing between the Masculine and the Feminine.

Stay Blessed and Happy Valentine's Day ❤️‍🔥

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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