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Hello Twin Flames

My name is Ryan McIntyre & I am currently a Certified Ascension Coach of Twin Flames Universe.  I am glad you have come across my page and would be greatly satisfied in assisting you on your Twin Flame Journey.  Not all Twin Flames are aware that you can have Twin Flame Union in this lifetime, and the work taught by my spiritual teachers that I assist my clients with will show you exactly that.


To begin, I do not want to overload you with info, but I do want to let you know that with a commitment to Love for self you will manifest your perfect life of Love with your Twin Flame in the most beautiful way. In order to heal Twin Flame Separation we will use a powerful healing tool called "The Mirror Exercise" (Check it out HERE) to assist you in developing Love for self in every place within you that currently isn't experiencing Love.


Please head to my Services page where you can now book your introductory session at a discounted price where I will guide you using the mirror exercise and will introduce you to your next steps on your Twin Flame Journey. 

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