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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 04/15/24

Hello and happy Monday to all the Twin flippity floppity flames out here doing the bizz and getting their healing in. We've got a brand new energy reading for you this week and since we skipped last week (our b), let's go ahead and boogie oogie oogie right on into it.

As per usual with the Twin Flame journey, there are a lot of highs and then some lows and it can continue on that rollercoaster ride until more healing is done. In this current week, the Divine Feminine is experiencing a high across the board. They are reconnecting to a sense of success, achievement and victory, and it has been after a long time coming. So there is celebration to be had.

To start this off, there is the Ten of Pentacles, which embodies success and victory. However this may manifest can vary depending on where the Feminine is in their individual journey, but nonetheless, it is worth acknowledging and celebrating. Even more importantly, this success is essential for the feminine as it provides that long term stability and foundation for their Twin Flame Union. This is key to remember as it is SO common that people on this journey want their Union right this second, without taking accountability of the state they are in and if that relationship would even be sustainable to uphold and keep. So the Feminine is being invited here to look at where they are in terms of this victory and acknowledge how far they have come and how this growth will set the foundation for permanent Harmonious Union, even if it is not here tomorrow in the 3D.

With both the Six AND the Four of Wands, this cannot be more clear cut that the Divine Feminine is being highly encouraged to celebrate this success and victory... do not be discouraged if this victory is not Union in the 3D itself. Instead, they need to celebrate themselves and their growth. Quite literally, this can translate to treat yo'self cause you freaking deserve it. This is a reminder to cut the negative self talk and to remind themselves that they are doing so great on their journey.

Let's also not forget: Four of Wands is confirmation of the Twin Flame connection. If there is any doubt regarding the who, the why, or even the where of you are on this journey, put those doubts aside. The Four of Wands can be symbolized to show 1111, a sign to trust your intution. You are on the right path, you are not crazy, your Union is on its way.

The Divine Masculine is in a more neutral state in this new week, with their mind and focus set on their goals. They are, however, navigating a balance between focusing on their here and now, with their nose to the grindstone to power through and achieve their ambitions and accepting (or better yet... seeking) spiritual guidance on their own side of the Twin Flame journey.

The Knight of Pentacles embodies practicality, hard work, and perseverance. This is translating in the Divine Masculine being very focused and driven on their current ambitions and goals. It is extremely important to note that it is okay if this goal is not Twin Flame specific. It is probably very likely that what their focus is on is more 3D specific and could appear completely unrelated; however, that does not mean that it does not serve their highest good (aka their Harmonious Twin Flame Union). Whether it is a personal goal of the Masculine or something that is perceived as a block to Union, the attention that is being given to it is still serving the Masculine as it makes up this puzzle piece for him to get into alignment with his own role in the Twin Flame connection.

With that, we have the Eight of Pentacles, which is confirmation and emphasis that hard work and determination is needed for what they are focused on currently. Whether this is work, a personal goal, their health, even if it is a third party (no, not work on things WITH the 3rd party, work on moving through the 3rd party energy), there is something they are encountering that is requiring a lot of focus and dedicated energy. The Eight of Pentacles also represents the cultivation of a skill, so this indicates that whatever the Masculine is focusing on is aiding them in developing a skill that is important for their growth.

The Hierophant then appears almost in contradiction to the previous Pentacles energy. Pentacles is very grounded in the present, it can feel slow moving or distant from the spiritual as many of those cards embody refer to financial or physical abundance. So with the Hierophant as the final card for the Divine Masculine's energy in this week that is showing this navigation of balancing the Pentacles "head down, nose to the grindstone" type energy with receiving, or better yet seeking, spiritual guidance. It can be almost stereotypical to say that the Divine Feminine is more "awake" than the Divine Masculine, but that is not always the case. We are seeing that the Masculine is seeking this spiritual wisdom or connection to their higher self and/or Source, though maybe it is not very reflective in a way that the Feminine could easily identify. How each person connects to their intuition and Divine self can vary and be very personal to the individual and the Masculine here is exploring that connection with their Divine self while balancing the drive to work towards their physical goals.

The energy that is being felt between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine starts with feelings of conflict, upset, or betrayal, specifically in connection with their Twin Flame counterpart. But as they are moving through those upsetting feelings, both the Divine Partners are feeling how this opens up opportunity for a new beginning in their connection and in their individual healing, as well as embracing patience for themselves and their Twin Flame.

The Five of Swords carries a heavy, burdensome energy, as it typically is an indicator of conflict, betrayal, and hurt. This is something being heavily felt by both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in connection to their counterpart. Whether this is surfacing by a random trigger or these feelings have been boiling under the surface ready to explode out, they are comng up for a very important reason: they need to be felt and then healed through. It is encouraged for both the Masculine and the Feminine to sit in this uncomfortable and upsetting energy, to acknowledge where there is resentment and feelings of anger, upset, betrayal, etc. Contrary to "popular belief", pretending that everything is ok and that there is no negativity being harbored for their Twin Flame does not ultimately serve their Union. No, it is through feeling those hard emotions and then choosing to work through them that progress can be made.

And we will see that as the Masculine and Feminine do that, that will open the door for new opportunities, as seen with the Ace of Wands. It is very likely that this combination of the Five of Swords and the Ace of Wands can manifest in the desire to create a new beginning or opportunity in connection with their divine lover and/or in their own spiritual growth, but are finding resistance in doing so due to these underlying negative feelings. For those where that situation resonates, it will be even more essential than usual to tend to those feelings ASAP as possible (cue Michael Scott quote), so further resistance isn't building up. However, whether or not that may resonate, both the Masculine and the Feminine will be feeling the desire for a new beginning or be presented with an opportunity and feel that surge of excitement to progress forward in that direction.

Temperance appears to indicate that patience will be a reoccuring theme for both the Masculine and the Feminine in this new week. Specifically, this is feeling as though they are both contemplating and exploring their relationship with patience as a practice toward themselves and toward their Divine counterpart. In terms of patience and harmony within the self, both the Masculine and the Feminine are experiencing this inner dialoge of frustration and resentment towards themselves, almost shifting blame in their own direction for the barriers and shortcomings in their Twin Flame connection. Meanwhile simultaneously, they are both struggling with this battle of time and could even be experiencing a resentment toward their counterpart for "taking too long" to come into Union. Temperance is appearing to remind the Masculine and the Feminine that patience and forgiveness towards themselves and their person are key, as there is no deadline for Union and there is no fault for separation. There is only the healing needed and this will occur in its own divine timing.

The way through the current energy being felt individually and shared between the Masculine and the Feminine involves taking charge and owning their share of the healing being presented. This is about making clear, concise decisions that are in alignment with healing the upsets being presented while also surrendering to the Divine process at hand and being adaptable to what circumstances are presented.

With The Emperor, this calls for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to boldly and fearlessly claim their own healing and take full ownership of it. This accountability in its purest form as there is no one else who can do the inner work on behalf of the Divine Counterparts other than them themselves. There is a choice before them to rid themselves of excuses and reasons why this journey is too hard, this wound or trauma cannot be healed through, yada yada yada. Enough of that. This is a wake up call to call themselves out on their own bullshit and remind themselves that they CAN heal this and they WILL heal this. Taking that authority back over their own emotions and their healing is a massive step towards claiming their Union.

Following that, we have the King of Swords which encompasses intellect and clear, rational decision making. So with this immediately following The Emperor, it serves as a guide when taking authority and control over their healing, to be mindful of the choices they are making in connection to handling their upsets. Taking a moment to pause before acting or reacting and ask, "Does this serve my higher good? Does this emotion change my desire, my truth, or the end result?" If the answer is no, then this should prompt the Masculine and the Feminine to explore a better decision in that moment and connect with their logical mind.

I know, I know... sometimes logic and the Twin Flame journey don't go hand in hand, cause it can honestly test our sense of reality and truth, and make us feel delulu. This is where utilizing the Mirror Exercise and connecting deeply to their divine truth will serve them. Because using that divine truth as a compass, the Divine Partners can then making clear and logical decisions to work towards that rather than giving into upsetting emotions, circumstances, or triggers.

There is also a cautionary warning coming up with the combination of The Emperor and the King of Swords. While this is about taking authority over their healing and taking control of their share journey, there is a fine line between taking control of how they choose to navigate their healing and trying to control the ultimate outcome, their counterpart, and/or Union. It is really important for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to remember that there are equal parts involved in this Union, between them making core decisions together to heal and cocreating their reality with the Divine. Releasing the need to have a grip over every piece of this journey will be a huge lesson for both the Masculine and the Feminine.

Which then leads us to The Hanged Man, which is all about releasing control and becoming adaptable to the situation around us. Like what I just said above, there is a balance between us co creating our reality and Union with the Divine. We are not completely powerless; however, the Masculine and the Feminine both are being taught how to master the skill of releasing what is beyond their control and adapting to what is being presented to them. They do not need to control, nitpick, or scrutinize every action their counterpart does. Release the need to control their person, the timing, or even the upsets themselves will serve them so much more in the end. And finally learning to adapt their mindset and tactics toward healing to what is being presented to them could allow for them to work through whatever is upsetting them without feeling stuck or trapped in the circumstance itself.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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