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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 04/01/24

Hello to this new week and happy Easter to all who celebrate!

We are soon to be entering another Mercury in retrograde, as well as an eclipse, and energy has already been a bit heavier than normal.... which is reflective in today's reading across the board 🫠 Yay us?

It actually IS yay us, because even during periods of emotional upheaval or intense energy, there is something we are meant to be learning and healing through. So we can thank the Universe for providing us with another opportunity to heal through a block in our Unions (if you are in Separation that is). If you are in Union, then thank the Universe for the opportunity to grow even deeper into that connection. Either way, whatever is coming up for you in this current week, rest assured it will be okay. It will be healed through. And you will achieve your Union!

Now, let's get into the reading!

This week, the Divine Feminine are finding themselves in this "tit for tat" battle of optimism and pessimism... finding joy and fulfillment then feeling those negative thoughts and fears...and then searching for their joy and vision of Union again. It could feel like a roller coaster wave of feelings, but there is ultimately a bright new beginning to move forward in their journey, no matter what.

The Nine of Cups is indicative of the ultimate wish fulfillment. It acknowledges the journey that was had and the struggles endured where there can be celebration at last as what is desired has been achieved. Now how this relates to the Divine Feminine may not translate into they are getting their ultimate wish fulfillment in this next week, though for some it definitely can be a sign of that. Instead, what this indicates is the Feminine needs to find joy and fulfillment in the abundance that is around them, whether that is their Masculine counterpart or something else. It is a reminder to find joy and happiness in the here and now as waiting until they achieve their Union to finally feel good is not going to work for them. Their life is great right here as it is now and that gratitude can open more doors for them, as it acts as an invitation to receive even more abundance (hint hint: even Union).

And as we see this emotional roller coaster go up with the Nine of Cups, it now plummets down with the Three of Swords... the heartbreak card. The Three of Swords is showing up as those fears, doubts, negative cycles, or signs that are being perceived as them never getting their happy ending. As painful as these emotions may be, it is SO important that the Divine Feminine confronts them and feels them all the way through, as doing so will allow them to be healed. There is a need to introspect and dive deep within themselves to get to the root of these reoccurring fears. There is a core wound that needs to be addressed and the Divine Feminine is safe to feel it and then heal it. This Three of Swords is NOT indicative of their journey or their connection to their Twin Flame. This is NOT the end result. This is the blunt wake-up call to get to the root of what is hurting them so they can heal it with self-love (aka their Twin's love, as they are one at their core) and move forward.

And with that, the roller coaster goes back to neutral or back up again depending on how the Divine Feminine chooses to move forward from that Three of Swords energy. The Fool is the opportunity for a new beginning and with this following the Three of Swords, whether or not that new beginning is seized is entirely up to the Feminine. There is potential to take this hurt energy and move through it, allowing more connection, love, and new beginnings to flow in. The Feminine can choose to sit in the hurt energy and not allow themselves to go back up, but we don't personally recommend that. Instead, we would encourage the Feminine to claim that divinity they possess and see that whatever is coming up for them is not going to hinder or prevent their Union. No, it is an invitation to go deeper with themselves and heal what is acting as a block in their Union so they can establish a stronger foundation for their happily ever after with their Twin Flame.

This week, the Divine Masculine is continuing an energy an energy that could be compared to the devil and the angel on their shoulders... ego vs. divine truth. They are experiencing this conflict of energy within them while still feeling this urge to take action, but the questions they need to answer: Is it action that will serve their ultimate good and happiness? Is it well thought out action or impulsive decision making?

Once again, the Divine Masculine has channeled The Devil. That makes two weeks in a row... what's up with that Masculines?

Jokes aside and despite quick perceptions, there is nothing wrong nor dark regarding The Devil card's energy being channeled here. This is pointing to where the Masculine is still working through ego. The Devil and Judgement appear as these conflicting energies that the Masculine is working through... the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other. It is extremely human to deny an intuitive truth, especially when it may go against what is convenient, "makes more sense" (air quotes cause it rarely ever actually makes more sense), and doesn't force them to confront the parts of them that need healing. It can feel safe to stay in the ego, as it rarely leads to actual growth and happiness, but it is predictable.

So this is where the Masculine may be finding themselves in this week. Do they stay where it is safe or do they go into the unknown and trust that it will lead them to their highest good? Do they give into temptation or reflect on their actions to make a smarter choice? What will help them align with themselves, their purpose, and their divine Union. This requires breaking free of limiting beliefs and a negative mindset to embrace this new path that leads them to Union.

The Page of Wands is about action and represents an initial step toward a new beginning. So as the Masculine is weighing this conflicting energy of divine truth vs ego, it is crucial for them to look at the actions they are taking and evaluate what energy is their action aligned with. When ego is being fed, then the actions that follow are more impulsive or risking their highest good. Even if it feels like it is good in that moment, it rarely results with ultimate happiness because it isn't aligned with their heart. If they choose action that is connected to their divine truth, then the actions taken will add to the progression of receiving their ultimate desire: their Twin Flame Union. The advise for the Masculine this week would be to take stock of their current situation and be honest with themselves on how it truly feels and how aligned it is with their heart, then take action in alignment with this new perspective.

The shared energy being felt between the Divine Masculine and the Divine feminine is surrounding the need to withdraw to introspect, gather strength, and surrender. It does not matter how outside appearances (like the dreaded social media) may appear, the Divine Partners are mirroring each other to hardcore in this week as they navigate some deep introspection and how to move forward.

When the Hermit appears, it is indicative of a period where withdrawing to go within and introspect. Both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling the weight of the external and the 3D on them and with that, they are both needing to go within themselves to find solace and peace. Their divine truth can be found within themselves, especially when it comes to their Twin Flame connection as they are one at their core. It is important for the Divine Partners to take this period of isolation to self-examine without the pressure of outside forces. In this time, they can also seek out the answers to their questions and find confirmation to console their doubts within themselves, rather than seeking validation from outside of them. It is safe for them to both trust that the lantern The Hermit holds will light their path to their Ascension and their Union; they just have to trust.

With the Strength card following, the Masculine and Feminine are stepping into this energy of seeking themselves and their truth within, but are shedding fear to do so. This week especially, they are entering a period to go within to introspect and are connecting to the bravery and resilience within themselves. This is their ability to confront challenges head on and with this following The Hermit, this could be internal challenges rather than external. This could be the strength to go to the deepest, darkest parts of themselves and take an honest inventory of what they find, so that they can heal.

The Hanged Man embodies the concept of surrendering and this is a major struggle for many on the Twin Flame journey, for both Masculines and Feminines. It is interesting that this follows Strength, as it speaks to the interplay between action and surrender. There is a balance between boldly persevering and surrendering to the present moment. The Divine Partners are surrendering, or beginning to surrender, to the journey and allowing themselves to trust in the Universe to bring them their Union.

The way through the energy being felt is simply to feel it. Rather than holding onto whatever is upsetting them, the Masculine and the Feminine need to let their walls crumble, allow the emotions to pour out, and process those feelings with a grounded and compassionate approach.

Just as we did last week, The Tower card is present. This continuation of Tower energy really emphasizes how important it is for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to FEEL THEIR FEELINGS! Let those hurts pour out, allow the upheaval to happen. We know how painful and heavy it can feel. We know how hard it is to face the pieces of ourselves that hurt or are too scary to look at. But it does not matter. Simply put, there is no way out of that energy besides going through it and you cannot build a fortress if the current foundation is crumbling.

What will make the difference for the Divine Partners is how they handle this upheaval. There is a choice in everything they do and choosing to go through these feelings without fear and holding confidence and compassion for themselves will be key in fully releasing the burdens that are holding them in separation, as indicated with the King of Cups. If they choose to feed into the ego, the negativity, and hold onto the pain, that will only keep them in this crumbling tower. By forgiving their counterpart and, more importantly, forgiving themselves, they can begin to heal through their upsets and fill that space with unconditional love.

The Ace of Pentacles is significant as it indicates that grounding or finding a way to ground during this upheaval is important. By choosing presence when they are experiencing heavy emotional upheaval is so, so (I cannot stress enough), SO crucial as it does not feed the trigger or upset. Instead, it keeps both the Masculine and the Feminine in the here and now, where they need to be in order to work through whatever is upsetting them. If they focus heavily on the past, they are repeating negative cycles. If they focus heavily on the future, they are not tending to what needs to be healed now and giving power to ego and anxiety. By choosing to remain present in this moment, the Divine Counterparts can acknowledge that they are safe to work through their upsets, allowing them to establish a solid and strong foundation for their Union to come.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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