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Manifest Your Ultimate Love Life Into Reality

This week I’ve wanted to answer some questions that I commonly get asked.

Why do some people refuse to believe in Twin Flames?

The topic of Twin Flames is currently captivating a mainstream audience. The term Twin Flame is as old as time. Greek Mythology and Hinduism, to The Works of William Shakespeare, as well as The Holy Bible, all mention or have examples of the concept of Twin Flames. There are dozens of Reddit questions and answers of individuals testifying to why they don't believe in romance. In today's society; not feeling "in love" is more productive, safe, and coined as "healthy."

So… Why do people fear love?

Limiting beliefs, past trauma, and health & wellness issues can cause individuals to numb out to love. In this community we look inward with the Mirror Exercise, and heal our blocks to love. its important to have compassion for yourself on this journey. You have everything you need to manifest your ultimate love life into reality.

How do I respond to people that claim my journey isn’t real?

When believers of Love come across non believers, it's important for them to understand they are safe. Love always protects regardless of if you believe or not. Therefore encounters with people who do not align shouldn’t be met with ego, as there is nothing to fear. Remain in a state of Love. You don’t have to worry too much about making an impression on people that don’t agree with you.

All in all, your journey to Divine Romance and a fulfilling love life, is personal. We all seek and desire a beautiful life with a partner that completes us. Why settle for toxicity and drama, or back and forth relationships? Step into a version of yourself that prioritizes romance. Claim your passion, and achieve what you truly deserve.

I hope this message finds you well.

Sending love and positive vibes

In best regards,

Carly Bays

If you are ready to claim additional support on your Twin Flame journey, be sure to check out what coaching options we offer!

Be sure to also join our free Twin Flame Support group on Discord!

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