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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 03/25/24

Updated: Mar 31

Hello and happy new week!

We are mixing things up this week! Instead of channeling this week's Twin Flame Energy reading with tarot cards, we are channeling with my favorite oracle deck, The Mike Wilcox Major Arcana & Oracle Deck. What I personally really love about this oracle deck is that it combines all of the major arcana with a unique oracle deck and all 12 zodiac signs, and it takes a more introspective approach to the messages being provided rather than it being as "strict" or definitive as tarot.

Of course, we will not stop channeling messages with classic tarot, but I felt called to channel with an oracle deck this week, so let us know how you like it or how it resonates!

Alright let's get into it!

In this new week, the Divine Feminine collective is being called to navigate the balance. There is a balance that is needed here regarding channeling their inner power and going with the flow of the circumstances around them. It is establishing a healthy boundary insides of themselves that allows the Feminine collective to navigate these seemingly conflicting energies being presented to them in this new week.

The River embodies a flowing consciousness, an ever-evolving ability to adapt to what course lies ahead. The Divine Feminine is being reminded of an essential component of the twin flame journey, which is to adapt to what obstacles present themselves and to embrace being in a state of allowing. There is a persistence of energy here that the Feminine is needing to take in as it allows them to progress forward with trust that it is all going to work out exactly as it is meant to. It is important to remember that there is a difference in laying down taking whatever is thrown your way and becoming adaptable to continue forward rather than the fight the current.

Scorpio's energy really encompasses inner power, resiliency, and resourcefulness. With Scorpio following The River, the Feminine collective is being reminded how truly powerful they are when they set their mind and heart to something. It has been said before and we will say it again: there is no energy that cannot be healed or moved through. Allowing this to be the reminder that no matter the circumstance with their Divine Masculine, there is a way to heal through that should the Feminine commit to it. Continuing on even in the face of challenges and adversity is in truth allowing themselves to move through what needs to be healed and ultimately is far more effective than fighting whatever their situation.

In an interesting parallel from last week's collective where the Divine Masculine channelled The Empress, this week the Divine Feminine is connecting to the Emperor. For many in the Feminine collective, this could be a deepening connection to their Masculine's energy. How this may translate to each feminine could vary, but it is also worth mentioning that even if there is no communication (verbal, telepathic, dream wise, etc.) simply connecting and feeling their Masculine's energy is equally as valid. Even more important than that, the Emperor is appearing as a call for the Feminine to take in the lessons in that their Masculine presents to them and truly embody them. This is boundaries, this is trust in their creation or that they are co-creating their life and Union with their Source, this is structure, and this is foundation. This is a very strong moving energy for the Feminine to encounter as it will be challenging for them to move through a lot of the blocks in their Union without this type of authority.

The Divine Masculines are feeling a surge of confidence and a call to action. How this may manifest could vary for each Masculine depending on where they are in their own Twin Flame journey, but nonetheless, they are feeling the desire to take action to break them free of a negative cycle they have been stuck in.

The Masculine is once again connecting to the Chariot's energy, which is bold action, progression forward, triumph, and honesty. The Masculine has been going through their own challenges within their personal journey, as well their Twin Flame journey, and whatever their current circumstance is, there is something very key for their growth that is presented to them to learn. This lesson, whatever it may be, is being headed by the Masculine here and it is going to propel them forward. Many Masculines in the collective may be feeling inspired to take swift action; others may be taking in their lessons and embracing them more internally. Neither way is necessarily a wrong way and both are equally as important in helping the Masculine connect even deeper on his journey.

Much like the Chariot, Leo is bold, brave, passionate, and firey. Leo is calling the Masculine collective to rise to the occasion and honor their truest self, which is turn, honoring their Twin Flame. As stated above, the Masculine is going through their own set of challenges and Leo is presented as this inner energy within the Masculine to go forth and conquer these challenges courageously. There is no true way to measure whether the Masculine's actions forward are big or small, as both the Masculine and the Feminine need to look at these actions taken by the Masculine as movement forward simply because it is them honoring themselves and their heart.

The Devil is the energy that is being moved through. This card being presented in contrast to the relatively positive energy in The Chariot and Leo is acknowledge of what is still being moved through and even a testament to how challenging or emotionally taxing it is to take steps towards healing through it (cheers to you, Masculine!). The Divine Masculine in many ways is still not truly aligned with their desires, their life purpose, or their Union, and that is weighing heavily on them. In fact, many of the Masculine could feel very chained by their circumstances and any action forwards towards breaking that cycle is worth acknowledging and appreciating. This is also a reminder for the Masculine to forgive themselves, allow themselves to release their burdens and resentments, and then finally accept themselves and shower themselves with self-love.

The energy that is shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is definitely a very emotional one in this current week. There is an emphasis of feeling into their emotions and navigating their intuition, especially regarding their connection to each other. There is a mutual seeking to understand this connection they feel to their Divine Partner, the signs, their intuition, and what emotions are surfacing.

Right off the bat, the shared energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is filled to the bring with a seeking to understand and trust their intuition and gut feelings. With both the Hierophant and the High Priestess being the first two cards, this serves as a significant confirmation of trusting their intuition.

The Hierophant serves as a guide to understanding our purpose, the signs and spiritual guidance being presented to us, and connecting to our divinity. He aims to guide the Masculine and the Feminine to go deeper in their understanding of themselves and their connection to each other, which both the Divine Partners are feeling heavily in this new week. Paradoxically, the Hierophant shows up to give us those signs and reminders when we ask and are feeling that sense of doubt, while also restricting them when it is important for us to release those doubts and stop second guessing. Both the Masculine and the Feminine need to remember this and to remember how divine they truly are. This journey is not one without intention and they would not be guided onto it without it serving a higher purpose.

While the Hierophant serves to translate the signs and spiritual guidance given externally, the High Priestess is the guide in understanding and translating the spiritual guidance signs from our spiritual team to our subconscious. She serves to help navigate tough emotions and urges the Masculine and the Feminine to go deeper within themselves and get to the root of their connection, which holds the hand of intuition. The High Priestess is asking for both the Masculine and the Feminine to look beneath the surface superficial or even hurtful things being presented to them. Instead, they both need to look deeper within themselves to find the truth of what is being presented around them.

The Moon is probably the best confirmation of the energies being presented between the Masculine and the Feminine this week. There is a shared desire or need to go deeper into their emotions. When we suppress or give them more power than they truly hold, we in turn fall victim to our emotions and outside circumstances, when in truth, they hold no power over us or our journeys. The Masculine and the Feminine is feeling or even potentially also understanding this tug-of-war cycle with emotions and need to remember that they are ones who are in charge of themselves and hold the power. It is important to acknowledge, feel, accept, and then release their emotions, but it is also equally important to remember that when they give more power than is needed to their feelings, they create more resistance to receiving their desires and Union.

The way through what is being felt between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is simply to feel what is surfacing and allow it to be released. This can be presented as sudden upheaval or as connecting to an inner sense of stability, but it ultimately allows for a transmutation of energy and then ultimately harmony between the Divine Partners and within themselves.

Right off the bat, the Tower is presented to guide the Masculine and the Feminine through the current energy.

Deep breaths. Do not panic. I promise this is not forewarning that your entire life is about to crumble down around you.

The Tower is serving to guide the Masculine and the Feminine through the uncertainty by simply allowing all of those negative emotions, doubts, and fears to surface and be released. This can feel heavy and it can feel almost like the opposite of what is meant to be done, but it is essential to acknowledge what feels bad so it can be healed and released. This may come in the form of upheaval, where there are a lot of intense emotions surfacing at once, but the Tower also is calling for the Divine Partners to ground themselves during periods of intensity and through difficult emotions. It is choosing presence during these periods of uncertainty (even if being present does not feel good in that moment) that allows the Masculine and the Feminine to ground into their intuition and emotions and trust the journey.

Following the Tower, we have the Furnace and this is all about transmutation, expression, being patience, and taking intentional action in the right direction. The Furnace is asking for the Masculine and the Feminine to acknowledge and embrace the emotions that are surfacing and then channel that energy into something that is healthy and progressive toward their goals. Wallowing in the negativity does not help. Of course, feel the negative and embrace it and love yourself through it, but do not sit and allow it to consume you. Instead, choosing to channel that emotional and powerful energy into calling in their desires and channelling them back into serving them, will benefit the Masculine and the Feminine in the long run.

Judgement is the final card for how the Masculine and the Feminine should move through the energy being felt. This can translate to mean many things, so always take what resonates and leave what doesn't. The first way Judgement is being channeled is to accept that approval, confirmation, and acceptance cannot come from others; it must come from within. The Twin Flame journey is one that will challenge you and can trigger a lot of doubt and seeking this confirmation that this is going to work out from an outside source does not work or lead to peace. Only you can truly confirm for yourself the signs on this journey with the guidance of your Source.

The second way Judgement is being channeled is to push the Masculine and the Feminine forward to continue this journey despite what is coming up from them, as the purpose is never to get something from someone or get someone. It is to achieve peace within and have your divine love manifested as a result. The Masculine and the Feminine need to remember that as it can be easy to get lost in this idea of what Union will be and they need to move forward with confidence and trust that it will be exactly as it's meant to.

Thank you again for reading and please let us know how you enjoyed this channeled reading with this oracle deck instead of traditional tarot!

Have a great week and we will see you in the next one!

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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