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Should I Choose my Soulmate or my Twin Flame?

Twin Flame vs. Soulmate: The Final Showdown...

This is one of the biggest questions on the Twin Flame journey. It can be extremely overwhelming when you meet or are with your Twin Flame at first. They start mirroring all the inner upsets that you have kept dormant and concealed. You can feel so much deep, unconditional love for them while being upset and frustrated with how they trigger you. It may make you want to throw in the towel, throw up your arms, and just try to find a soulmate.

Pause right there.

We go in more depth in a previous blog about the differences between a Twin Flame and a Soulmate, but let's recap. We have so many different types of Soulmates in our lifetime.

They can be platonic, family, and some may even be romantic, but here is the key difference! Any Soulmate you have is not designed to be your ultimate partner. They will not show you where you need to grow as deep as your Twin Flame, they will not be as compatible with you at their core, and they will not connect with you as deeply physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Your Twin Flame was specifically created for you. They were designed to show you where you need to heal, and you are designed to show them where they need to heal. Your Twin Flame and you share a core consciousness and core values, meaning that your connection with them will always be deeper than your connection with anyone else. This doesn't make you carbon copies of each other, of course, but you will be more fulfilled being in a romantic partnership with your Twin Flame more than you would anyone else.

Maybe, at times, it seems appealing to be with someone who will not trigger you the way a Twin Flame does. But ask yourself this..

Do you want to be with someone who isn't there to help grow into the best possible version of yourself?

Do you want to be with someone who will not know you or love you as deeply as your Twin Flame will?

Yes, you and your Twin Flame will trigger each other, but you will also love each other unconditionally because at your core, you are one and in Union. That is not a promise any Soulmate could ever make to you.

Picture yourself in the near future. You're on the game show Jeopardy and in order to win, you have to get the answer right. The Final Jeopardy question is... Who will you choose to go deeper in love with for all of eternity: a Soulmate or your Twin Flame? Your two opponents have utterly confused expressions on their faces, as they shrug in perplexity and hesitantly jot down their answers. But you have down your inner work. You have done your coaching with Ryan. You smile confidently from ear to ear and feel that true love radiating in your heart. With no hesitation, you effortlessly write down: Twin Flames!

The crowd goes wild and cheers, and you hear countless bottles of champagne being popped, and an orchestra starts playing, as you have given the right answer! Your Twin Flame comes on to the stage elegantly dressed, and you waltz & slow dance, all while the audience cheers and claps. You have done it! You have gone through that stage of never giving up on your one True Love, you have healed your core upsets, didn't listen to the nonsense that a Soulmate is just as good as your Twin Flame, and now you have permanent Union with Your Twin Flame. That's your prize. And the prize lasts for eternity!

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we can get you ready for that big stage. We can support you from day 1 all the way through to your Union, and even DURING your Union. Its Jeopardy time, and to know that dreams do come true. So, do you want to start training for that big stage?

Yep, today is that day 1.

Love You!

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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