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Are Twin Flames Better Than A Soulmate?

One of the most common questions we get about Twin Flames: Which is better, a Twin Flame or a Soulmate? Let's take a look at the differences!

We can have multiple Soul mates in our lifetime. In Jeff & Shaleia's book, Twin Flames: Finding Your Ultimate Lover, they go on to say that Soulmates are VERY different than Twin Flames. Soulmates are not meant to be romantic relationships. They are not designed to be in your life for eternity. Soulmates come in many different forms, as well. As a child, a close friend, a neighbor, a teacher, etc. They are not designed to be your one true love.

With Your Twin Flame, they are designed to go deeper in love with you. Juicy, DEEP love! Your Twin Flame has been divinely created to share eternity with you. When you choose to love yourself, you will naturally manifest your Twin Flame into your physical reality, permanently!

Comparing a Soulmate to a Twin Flame is like settling for a B+ on a test, instead of going for the A+! Learn more on how to manifest your Twin Flame into your life, as well as the steps it takes for self-love, to obtain your permanent Harmonious Union. All your dreams coming true are just a click away!

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