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My Experience As A Twin Flame Ascension School Student

What is Twin Flame Ascension School?

If the Twin Flame Journey was a video game, Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS) is an elevated tool you receive to make your first player experience run smoothly. Without claiming certain weapons or power boosts, you can't beat the game unless you acquire the equipment needed to face your battles, and ultimately finish with victory. 

Have you ever played games on a friend's console? You realize they are lacking the tools and equipment that are necessary to play that game correctly. It's a moment where you tell your friend, “Let me help you.” How do you help them? By accessing and uncovering the tools they need. Sometimes you have to backtrack and play levels you've already beat. You're friend appeared to be winning, but once they got to a particular level they reached a block. You provide the guidance and support they need, and your friend realizes not only did they need this tool to move forward, but they needed it all along. 

Once you have the essential tools, you breeze through the levels. You can have all the gaming experience and skill in the world, but without the required tools you run into blocks. The Hidden Blade, The Blue Shell, The Master Sword, and even Flower Power are essential tools to achieve victory in your favorite video games. Imagine Donkey Kong without Diddy. Can you technically face a challenge and attempt to play without him? Or course. Donkey is slow, big, and lacks agility compared to Diddy. You can beat most of the game with him, after all, he is Donkey Kong.

Once you incorporate the ultimate dynamic duo by accessing Diddy Kong, the game changes. You flow through the jungle with rhythm and style. The game appears different to you once you can play the way the creators designed the game to be played. It becomes fun rather than frustrating. 

Twin Flame Ascension School is the Yoshi to your Mario. Guidance, support, and essential equipment and tools are required for the Twin Flame journey. One cannot practice The Mirror Exercise appropriately without support and guidance. In fact, you were not created to live your life without community and support.


"It's like living in the same house, but hanging out in different rooms” 
- Shaleia Divine (TFAS)

Jeff and Shaleia are spiritual teachers and gurus. They created The Teachings of Union and Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS). TFAS is something they encourage you to participate in from start to finish. You see the growth in the students and the teachers themselves as the courses continue. The main focus of the Teachings of Union is Love, peace, harmony, alignment, and Divine Union. These classes do not represent separation consciousness. The teachings allow you to freely experience a new kind of healing. 

The Mirror Exercise is an introspective examination of yourself. Most likely you'll experience upheaval. Upheaval is similar to a hangover of emotions. This is where you must apply guidance and support. TFAS students start to see that it's safe to call on guides for support. The journey to clearing blocks to Love is fragile. Truly it's also beautiful and peaceful.

Claiming this type of support may seem impossible or challenging. The truth is that without this support you may appear to be winning the game, but it's imbalanced and difficult for absolutely no reason. The tools are here for you. The journey doesn't have to be hard. You can experience joy, beauty, peace, and freedom in a balanced way throughout your life to achieve what you truly desire. 

I am thankful for the community I have acquired by claiming my presence here. Ascension isn't about being better than anyone else. It's about being your best self. Twin Flame Ascension school is an experience of a lifetime. Without The Master Sword, Link cannot reach Princess Zelda. 

I hope this message leaves you with clarity and confirmation.

With Divine regards,

Carly Franklin Bays

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