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What is the Mirror Exercise?

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Well let's start and take a trip back in time.

This is a powerful exercise that Twin Flames Reality discovered through Twin Flames Universe teachings of Twin Flame Union.

How we found "The Mirror Exercise"

Many years ago, before the founders Jeff and Shaleia of Twin Flames Universe came into Harmonious Union, Shaleia had discovered a practice called "The Mirror Exercise" through her spiritual mentor. After 3 years of daily practice of this, it led her to her heaven-on-earth Union with Jeff.

Now what exactly is it?

The Mirror Exercise is a practice you can do to uncover your blocks such as trauma, anxiety, and uneasiness. A block is simply any negative energy you are holding onto in spirit that takes you away from being your true Divine Heavenly self.

You can use this exercise anytime you are feeling stuck, and here's how to use it.

Start off by meditating and focus on being present with your feelings. Now, for example, let's say your Twin Flame is not choosing you and putting you first you can say to yourself, "I am mad at my Twin Flame for not prioritizing and choosing me first." Now, you go within and reflect that back on yourself and say "I am mad at myself for not prioritizing and choosing me first."

Next, you can feel into that trigger of not choosing yourself, not loving yourself, and feel into what is causing that pain. Then you bring peace and God's love into that space in your heart and your consciousness, allowing yourself to feel that bliss and then grounding yourself into that good feeling. Sometimes there are multiple layers within a block to uncover and it's okay if not all is healed within your first time of healing that block. As you continue to grow with the help of this exercise, this is what will lead you to everlasting Harmonious Union.

The Mirror Exercise is about more than just healing separation. As you are in physical Union it's important to keep doing this exercise with your Twin Flame to grow your Union even stronger.

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