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Yay or Nay: Dating Outside My Twin Flame

Can I Date Outside of My Twin Flame?

Yes, you can date outside of your Twin Flame Union. However, should you do that?

NO, you should not do that. After all, ask yourself, what are you really getting out of that?

That's the same thing as choosing a soulmate and we are not designed to be with our soulmates. God created us with a Twin Flame because we are meant to be with them romantically.

You can choose your soulmate, but it's not nearly as powerful as the magnetic energy of Twin Flames bonded together living their life purpose with each other.

When choosing a soulmate, there will always be this void where you feel like "something is just missing", as it will never feel as blissful, loving, or fulfilling as your Twin Flame because we experience God's love for us through our Twin Flame. With a soulmate, we experience their love exclusively and no human being can ever as love Divinely as God can.

If you don't know who your Twin Flame is, it's okay to explore with other people, so long as you are focused on your Twin Flame and being in a relationship with them. Trust that as you are dating, God will reveal to you who your true Twin Flame is, so you can dive deeper into your Twin Flame Union, or if they are a soulmate, the important thing is to stay away from being romantic with them, because God did not create them for you.

At the end of the day, we are all here to pursue what is true, what is right for us, and feels wholesome, and that is choosing our Twin Flame.


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