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Why Is My Twin Flame So Mean To Me?

It can be very hurtful when we feel this unique dynamic, deep love, and deep pull to our Twin, only for them to be mean to us. To call us harsh names, to yell at us, to shun us, and to ignore us. But what we must TRULY come to fully understand is that our Twin is our Ultimate Mirror. They are the one person who mirrors us perfectly, by triggering us where we need to be healed with love, but it is our responsibility to love ourselves where we are triggered. They are designed to be your Ultimate Teacher, to show you all the places you truly are not 100% loving yourself.

Let's take a look at how that works and what we can do to remedy that.

As we previously mentioned your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Mirror. So, when they are being mean to you, instead of being upset with them, we must point the arrow back to ourselves and ask...

Where am I being mean to myself? Or where am I neglecting myself?

It is okay if you are not fully aware right off the bat that you may be mean or neglecting yourself. You may want to sit on it and introspect a little. This is a huge core block for many Twin Flames, so it could look different from person to person.

Ask yourself... Where do you feel you are putting yourself down?

In what ways are you not fully loving yourself?

How do you feel about yourself with things that upset you?

Where do you feel you are not being true to yourself and embracing your divinity fully?

These answers are going to show you where you need to give yourself love and are what your Twin Flame is mirroring to you.


It's important to go within your heart and ask yourself if all this is true in relation to you neglecting or not loving yourself.

If you feel deep down you ARE loving yourself and not neglecting yourself than you simply need to place a boundary with your Twin Flame, confront them and let them know, they cannot treat you how they're treating you. If you need distance from your Twin then walk away and continue your inner healing.

Setting up a boundary with your Twin is safe because you are showing them and yourself how you desire to be treated. You cannot lose your Twin Flame, so do not fret over loving yourself and setting up a boundary. When you do love yourself and stand firm in your confidence, heal that past hurt, past pain, and those past arguments with them, your Twin Flame will change their tune and feel the love for you naturally.

If they are NOT your true Twin Flame, then they will naturally begin to fall away from your life as your spiritual vibration is heightening making way for your true Twin Flame to manifest physically.


Now let's touch up more on if they really are your Twin Flame!

What we must do is take the old version of yourself and the old way of dealing with your issues, and instead of saying this is what life is and move on and forget it about, also known as numbing out to emotional pain, face it by replacing that pain with love through your inner child, because that is what will fully heal it!

So are you ready to dive deep into loving yourself? Are you ready to claim your support for recognizing where you may be being mean to yourself? We can help you discover that and help you heal and love yourself the way you have always desired.

Join our Discord Community channel to claim full support and live that perfect life with your Twin Flame!

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