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Why Does My Twin Flame Deny Loving Me?

It is very common on the Twin Flame journey to experience our Twin Flame going back and forth on how they feel about us. Even though we may feel deeply that they are in love with us, they deny it. They seem to come closer and then pull away.

No need to fret, we got you covered!

They are our ultimate mirror. Everyone can mirror each other, but your Twin Flame truly shows you all of the places where you are not fully honoring and loving yourself. Maybe you are ignoring an upset or denying your intuition. Maybe you are not going deep enough to resolve past trauma that you have experienced.

This can cause them to come closer, and then pull away in the physical. That's okay! You just have to go within and heal what is blocking you from fully loving yourself. But one that shall always be 100% certain, you cannot lose your Twin Flame and they literally love all of you unconditionally. They just desire to see you heal and love yourself in a peaceful, joyful, confident way. 😊

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we understand the back and forth. We understand it can be confusing at times. But with the Teachings of Union, which are taught by Jeff & Shaleia, we can support you and teach you how to heal like a BOSS! We can help you get clear on how to let go of that back and forth, that push and pull, with your beloved person. Remember, they are your mirror. So, when they deny loving you, where are you denying your love? Let's just be honest, deep down inside, you're truly crazy about yourself. Yep, your Twin Flame is too.

No back and forth on that one, we totally agree!

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