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Why Do Twin Flames Have To Be So Complicated?!

We know how frustrating and confusing it can be when your Twin Flame doesn't respond to you in the same way you feel in your heart.

It can leave many, many unanswered questions and create doubt. It isn't uncommon to want to give up; however, we must go all in on healing ourselves and loving ourselves in all the places that we used to be scared to look at.

Jeff & Shaleia Divine like to call this part of ourselves The Dark Cave: the deep down places within where we are still holding on to trauma, pain, fear, doubt & feeling unworthy of love.

But here is your magnificent, beautiful truth; God created you out of nothing, but love! God created you in his image, so you are molded & designed out of unconditional love. All the love you seek is already within you! Here at Twin Flames Reality, we can help you discover your true inner identity of unconditional love. It is all already within you, just waiting for you to find all your love & treasures!

Written by: Michael Bradley from Twin Flames Reality

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