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Why Am I Resistant to Love and Healing?

Do you deep down in your heart want to get better and get out of the bad feelings you're constantly feeling throughout your day?

This could be in your life love, relationships with family, friends, your career, etc.

You want to move forward in life and not feel that icky feeling, but there's also a part of you that feels like you can't move forward... like there's some sort of blockage within you.

Lets face the reality of this and start by saying what you're experiencing is completely normal and everyone goes through it.

What is it though?

It's Ego

Ego is the unpurified part of your consciousness that doesn't make up who you are. It is that mean voice in your head telling you you will never get your Harmonious Union. It is the part of you that refuses to change out of fear. It is what keeps you in this inferiority complex, continuously believing you will never be good enough. It keeps you trapped in the past. It is what tells you that you don't need to change when, let's be honest, maybe you do. Ego serves no purpose and keeps you from your own happiness and divinity. Ego is what keeps you resistant towards receiving love and making the decision to move forward and heal your soul. It keeps you in this fear state of mind.

You want to feel all the love within you and around you. You want to heal, but EGO wants to keep you under.

When it comes to tackling Ego, we have two paths ahead: The simple route and the difficult route.

The simple route is to stay feeling how you feel with those burdens and pain, because it doesn't require any work. Surprise, surprise though: It is a path that continues to circle back to exactly where you are right now. You're already living in with Ego and as uncomfortable as it may be to say, you may be comfy here.

The "Difficult" route may is being there for yourself, facing all those bad feelings, and healing them. It ends up being very triggering and fearsome to get past those feelings, but the truth of it is, that's all just ego speaking to your mind telling you "I CAN'T DO IT."

The reality is, anyone and everyone can take the difficult route, because it's actually not difficult. It's relieving and peaceful to go this way. It's all about just taking that step forward and choosing love, choosing healing, instead of choosing what you've been that doesn't feel good.

After all, what do you have to gain from sitting in that hell of bad feelings? NOTHING!

What do you have to lose by choosing to LOVE and HEAL yourself?

You lose nothing ,but the false reality that you identify yourself with EGO and you gain EVERYTHING! That LOVE is infinite and LOVE is everything! It's all that you need feel peace and relaxed.

Now that you know this. Ask yourself, am I ready to stop choosing to live in my Ego and start choosing to live in love?

If the answer you feel in your heart is a YES, then that is how easy it is to make that decision to change and get better.

So start now and don't wait for the right time, because the right time is NOW!

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