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Meeting your Twin Flame for the 1st Time

It's a feeling of inner peace and a love so strong that nothing can compare to it. It's the unconditional love that God has for you.

There is this strong magnetic pull between the two of you, getting along as best friends who feel like they've known each other forever and you want to be around them all the time.

As you continue to connect with them, you come to realize you are looking for the same things in life; your values, dreams, and goals match up. The both of you want to live the same life and you meet each other in every way perfectly as you dive deeper into the connection.

You are able to gaze into their eyes and it's a blissful experience where you are gazing deep into their soul, because you feel at home with them. It is the feeling of Heaven that feels so perfect.

As good as this sounds and can be the reality, it also depends on where you are consciously and what facets of Separation Consciousness you might still be holding onto.

What does this mean? Certain things can come up where both of you can get REALLY triggered and there can be annoyance, frustration, maybe even anger because your Twin Flame will mirror all the areas of your life to you where you are upset with God. Then the result from this is you're upset with one another and remain separate until you heal those bad feelings that was brought up.

When you first experience meeting your Twin Flame, a major key thing for you is to stay grounded within your soul. Yes it will be exciting and peaceful since you've met your eternal best friend who has the ability to love you as you dream of...BUT it's important to stay grounded so you don't get hit with excitement that takes you away from being who you are because for them to truly recognize you and want to be together, you have to be grounded and at peace. It's okay to feel some excitement, but as long as you are peaceful through it.

As you stay grounded, their love for you and your love for them will continuously expand as you keep choosing it and THEY will keep choosing that too.

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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