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What If My Twin Flame Is A Narcissist?

Yes it can happen.

That dreaded personality that is so loving at first, then they gaslight you with love, then take it away and make you feel horrible about yourself. There can be mental, emotional or other forms of abuse too.

To get clear though NO MATTTER if it is your Twin Flame or not, you do not have to stay in an abusive relationship, just because they are your Twin Flame. You never desire to keep capitulating to them because of the deep love you feel for them. You must also establish a loving boundrary with them, so you can have your own peace as well.

Narcissists have sense of self and little to no empathy for others. So deep within, they have numbed out from many years of avoiding their feelings, and past trauma. When our Twin Flame exhibits these traits, it is best to be compassionate with them, but to look within ourselves to where we ourselves have been avoiding past traumas.

Where we have been abused in our past?

This may come in different forms as well. Being abused by others or abusing ourselves.

Where have we not been FULLY loving ourselves to where we were hurt in the past?

Where have we numbed out by sweeping our feelings under the rug to aviod that which has caused us pain?

Most of our core upsets come from childhood, or past relationships that we were in.

So what we must do is go DEEEEEP within ourselves and truly start to get honest with ourselves and start doing the Mirror Exercise to go to those places to give ourselves that past love that we neglected previously.

When we do this, our Twin Flame will will start to shift and heal through this WITH us. We are ONE with them.

So dilligently love yourself, you can start to see changes within yourself, AND your Union.

We must truly open the door to our heart, ( God already has that key to it) and love ourselves in such a way, that the illusion of the upsets will ultimatley fade away. They cannot harm you, nor can they ever have power over you.

We can help you heal through all these things. We can help guide you to your love and HARMONY within. There are no shackles that can hold you down. To make you feel that things shall never change. We support you with full love & compassion step by step the whole way.

We are here with open arms ready to help you break this cycle that is the illusion.

Written by Michael Bradley

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