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What If My Twin Flame Denies We Are Twin Flames?

This is very common on the Twin Flame journey. You feel this gushing connection with someone, where it can sometimes be overwhelming. You feel this deep love that never goes away. When you communicate this to your Twin, they can acknowledge the connection but deny you are Twin Flames. Deny that they see you the same way Rejection. Ouch.

At the core, the reason why most Twin Flames are not in Union is because of the fear of rejection. You don't want to give power to the belief that you are not worthy of love or accepted by your Twin Flame. This fear is like putting kerosene on a fire. Instead of adding kerosene, you would want to douse the fire with water.

The water in this metaphor would be self-love. So you would douse the fire of this fear with the waters of self-love and give yourself all the acceptance and love you are seeking from your Twin Flame. When your Twin Flame denies you, think about where you are denying yourself. This journey is all about self-love. It requires you to go into all those places within yourself where you have denied self-love previously.

At their core, your Twin Flame can never reject you, but you are clearing out the ego in your consciousness that tells you that you can be. As you do this, your Twin Flame will mirror that and reflect the acceptance and love you give yourself back to you!

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we will never reject you either. We are here to support you from day one, all the way into Harmonious Union with your Twin Flame. We are here to help support and guide you to know your truth. You are already a full cup of love, and you are already One with your Twin Flame.

Rejection? Nope, never heard of her. Choose love and it will be a gentle sigh of relief. No Ouch's here no more...

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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