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What I've Learned from TFAS Beyond The Mirror Exercise

When I started watching TFAS I was grieving, heartbroken, and had said out loud, "I don't believe in forever anymore."

After the first 25 classes of Twin Flame Ascension School, plus the Free Introductory courses, I picked up on a major theme that I did not expect. Jeff and Shaleia talk mostly about romance and True Love. My heart began to change, as I allowed Love to takeover. I fell in love with myself again, and I also remembered why I believe in forever.

I've always believed in forever. My past is in the past, and it's safe for me to step into love outside of the grief and heartbreak I had experienced. It's safe for me to experience the highest most Divine romance and love of my life. I deserve it, and so do you. We desire the things we deserve. The Universe and God provide our desires. I've learned through coaching and TFAS classes, that everything is healable. Conflict is safe because it presents an opportunity to heal and work through triggers and pain. I've also learned that it feels best to stay positive and pursue harmony and success in my personal life.

I still have a journey in front of me. Just like most of you readings this. It's important to focus on Divine Harmonious Romance with your ultimate partner. There's nothing more romantic than Twin Flame Love. It feels so good to believe in romance forever again. To get back to my innocence and purify my consciousness is a miracle and a gift that Ive been able to receive, thankfully by being a TFAS student, and from regular coaching with Ryan McIntyre. I desire romance. I desire True Love. Making the decision that my past no longer defines my current experience, opened me up to a reality I deserve and desire.

Following the path to ascension is an important part of healing, and claiming your most romantic Divine connection. I hope this message receives you well. There is a Free Introductory Course that you can claim by signing up at

-- Carly Bays

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