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Uh oh! I'm Not Physically Attracted To My Twin Flame

Yes, it can happen that when you first meet your Twin Flame you may not be fully attracted to them at first with every single physical feature you are looking. Don't panic!

This is a very different connection with them and it may not be one that you fully understand yet. You may have envisioned your dream person just a little bit different looking. But that's okay! Let's cover what will unfold once we fully choose to dive in on our spiritual healing journey.

Our Twin Flame is that one special person that God has set aside for us, to travel through all of eternity with. They are our shotgun riders who travel throughout many lifetimes with us. But it has happened that when we meet our Twin Flame, they don't always meet the physical attributes that we believe ourselves to be attracted to. Even though this is extremely rare, it can happen. Don't panic yet. This is just another thing that is being mirrored to you.

What we must do is roll up our sleeves and go into these dark areas within ourselves we may not want to look at and give past versions of ourselves love.

Where are you not fully attracted to yourself?

Have you been critical of your own body in the past?

In what ways do you put yourself down for not looking the way you desire to? Choose to forgive yourself there and love yourself when you are being critical and judgmental of your physical appearance. To put all our love into what we once thought was damaged but has ALWAYS been pure! When we then give ourselves all that love, our Twin Flame will naturally become more attracted to us and we shall become more attracted to them physically, as well.

Are you ready to discover all your inner beauty?

To know that it is not about the external, but everything first is cultivated from within?

We can support you in all the areas where you have questions, concerns, or doubts. We can help you navigate through them. We will sit in the passenger seat as you drive full speed into Union with your Twin Flame. Yep, we will be your GPS on your road to Union. No left or right turns on this trip. Just a straight road into your Ultimate Lovers arms.

Sweet, Road Trip. We're Down!

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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