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Twin Flames: Unrequited Connection

One day your Twin Flame will declare their love for you. The next day they will ghost you, no response. Or they will consistently deny they have romantic feelings for you. This is a prevalent pattern on the Twin Flame journey. Ugh, the frustration!

But at the core, your Twin Flame loves you unconditionally and is showing you areas ( a.k.a mirroring to you) within yourself where you need to heal. Your Twin Flame is showing you the areas that you have to face, that you have to not be afraid to look at. They are showing you parts of yourself that need your unconditional love.

You may have had deep wounds regarding past relationships... feelings of abandonment... of feeling unworthy of love... fearing that love will never happen for you. Those are wounds and upsets where your Twin will mirror to you by denying the connection. Yes, this may be hurtful, but also trust that this is showing you the way towards Union. Also trust that as you uncover and work through these upsets, so will your Twin. Be compassionate to them for what they are experiencing within this connection. Where might you be trying to control them & convince them of the connection?

Here at Twin Flame Reality, we have the loving, compassionate, play-by-play guidebook on how to manifest your Twin Flame Union, which was graciously taught by Jeff & Shaleia from Twin Flames Universe.

So are you ready to go to work & start healing your Union? Let's get this started!

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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