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Twin Flame vs Soulmate

Many people want to know the difference between a soulmate and their Twin Flame, so I will do my best to explain here. A soulmate is somebody who may resonate with you or vibe with you in certain ways, but doesn't truly meet you in every single way at the core of your being. They may support your healing or be someone that holds some kind of value in your life, but they aren't the one that perfectly mirrors you and shares a consciousness with you like your Twin Flame.

Your Twin Flame is the one God created for you to share eternal life with, and the one who meets you perfectly in every desire that your heart possesses. There is nobody else for you, and no other can love you like your Twin Flame because they are literally YOU. There is no other that you need to look for once you find your Twin Flame for all of these reasons. This is the ultimate love of loves that serves complete purpose in your reality and you can relax into this truth now and choose to work towards and deepen your Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

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