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Twin Flame Energy Reading: 7/8/24

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope this New Moon in Cancer is treating you all kindly. It has felt like a rush of emotions flooding to the surface for me personally, so if anyone else is feeling that too, make sure you are being extra kind to yourself! Remember that our thoughts do not make or break our journeys. We hold all the power and decide if we will achieve or Union, with the Divine help of our Source!

This Twin Flame energy reading was channeled using the Mike Willcox Major Arcana and Oracle deck!

In this new week the Divine Feminine is being presented with an invitation to practice the art of surrender and releasing. There is often an internal battle within regarding the desire to control an outcome or control the Twin Flame partner in an attempt to make two pieces fit together before they are meant to. The Feminine needs to recognize that there is a path ahead that is unfolding and they are safe to trust that their Harmonious Union is guaranteed to occur in the perfect time it is meant to. They do not need to force it to happen or grasp so tightly to their Twin Flame in an attempt to make them recognize this, as well. It is safe to take a breath and let it go, trusting that it will happen.

This week may present sudden change for the Divine Feminine, which can feel a bit unsettling and probably initiates this idea of like, "Oh god... what is about to happen?? How can I make sure that nothing bad occurs??" Deep breaths. This is again an invitation to release and trust. That is the underlying theme for the Feminine in this week. There may be sudden changes, there may be conflict, but it is all serving as a reminder that it does not matter when we know that the ultimate result is Harmonious Union. Everything negative that is being presented is merely a lesson in how to love themselves even deeper. By allowing this energy to flow and to harmonize themselves with Divine trust, they are putting themselves in alignment with their Twin Flame and aligning themselves with Union.

Divine Masculines... you are AGAIN being called to go within and find whatever it is that is holding you tied to whatever negative cycle, pattern, or circumstance that you are currently in. I get it... I really do. It is scary and it can be uncomfortable to deep dive within ourselves to figure out what it is that we are doing keeping us tied here. It requires accountability of ourselves, which is damaging to the ego. But it is essential. It is required of us in order to grow and ascend past this negative cycle we are in. The Masculine is being called to go within and find what upset is at the root at this pattern or cycle of negativity.

The Masculine is also being called to start seeing the beauty in their life and in their journey. There is Divine creation with every moment that passes, including diving into the deep caverns they hold within their soul, and the Masculine needs to find it and find appreciation for the beauty in this journey and in the "darkness" they hold within. This can be challenging, as we live in a society that condemns us for our flaws, but this is where self love and allowing themselves to merely exist can really make an impact. There is beauty in our flaws because that means they have someone out there who loves them unconditionally even with their flaws (hint: their Twin Flame!). A key piece of this week will be the Masculine going with the flow and allowing themselves to float through their Caverns and see what they happen upon, trusting that they are safe to do so and that no matter what they find, it will never define how worthy of Divine Love they are.

The energy that is being shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is extremely powerful this week, so do not be surprised if you feel your Twin Flame's energy a bit more than usual. To start off, Leo's energy is being channeled, which is all about radiance, bravery, action... a very powerful energy. This can be translated in many of ways. For some in the collective, this may be the push forward for the beginnings of Union or reconciliation. For others, this could be a mirroring where you both take the plunge and commit to your inner healing, which ultimately leads to Union (hint: coaching is helpful!). However this may translate, there is an inspired call to action that both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling and they both feel brave enough to make this jump.

This call to action and bravery is inspired by the love that is shared and by Divine Union. It is on the mind for both the Masculine and the Feminine in this week, and both should trust that their Twin Flame is mirroring this and has Union on their mind/in their heart (even if they cannot see that for themselves). They may find that despite any moments of doubt, fear, or discouragement, they still are able to remain somewhat positive. There is an inner knowing that Divine creation is at hand and that their Twin Flame is on the way to them if they are in separation. There is an inner knowing that all the actions taken in this week is opening the door for new opportunities to unfold and for that Union to present itself in the future if it hasn't already. For those already in Union, this is all being presented as an invitation to connect with their Twin Flame even deeper.

Just based on the cards alone, this may present itself as a 180 shift from the first card to the third... but trust me, it will all make sense.

To start, the best way to navigate this energy presented in this new week is to remain focused on the goal: Divine Love. That is unconditional and undying love for Source, for your Twin Flame, and most importantly, for yourself. It will be key to remind themselves that everything they are going through is an invitation to learn to love even deeper, as challenging as that may be to see at times. The entire purpose of the Twin Flame journey is to learn how to love themselves so unconditionally that it is mirrored to them from their God given partner. Asking themselves how they can love themselves even deeper and love themselves how they would want their Twin Flame to love them is going to be extremely helpful when navigating the energy.

There may be a battle of the ego that plays out in this week, especially as the Feminines confront the idea of surrendering control and as the Masculines navigate the inner wounds that they are holding onto. Both the Divine Partners are going to need to find a way to keep their Divine Truth at the forefront of their mind, as that is the only thing that can conquer Ego. Well... that and self-love. But not losing sight that their Union IS guaranteed and it IS safe to take responsibility of where they are holding themselves back. It IS safe to know that they are worthy of Divine Love despite how they may feel or what the Ego is telling them. The Ego is a lie and remaining focused on the truth is what will get them through. Then finally, finding ways to allow that mean inner voice, the voice of Ego, to die. As they combat the ego, this is allowing those negative cycles to die, opening up space for better and healthier cycles to begin.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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