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Twin Flame Energy Reading: 6/3/24

Another Monday... another Twin Flame energy reading!

Something that has been coming up a lot for many in the Twin Flame collectives has been a struggle with their reality or their 3D situations not matching what they feel in their heart. This may not necessarily relate to the reading or the cards pulled specifically, but I felt very called to share a gentle and loving reminder for all who are navigating this journey as a part of this channeled reading. The world around you is mirroring something within you, whether that is a gap in self love, something that needs to be healed, or whatever else. Your Twin Flame, hell even the rest of your reality, is a mirror to you. So when you are looking out and what you feel or desire is not what you see outside of you, then take that as initiative to reflect on what has to change within you so you can experience that same change outside of you.

With that, we can get on with the rest of the channeled reading!

This week, the Divine Feminine collective's energy concerns gaining mental clarity and breakthroughs. The Feminines are experiencing a surge of new ideas, newfound clarity, or new waves of communication. Where previously many in the collective may have been feeling a bit stuck or unsure about how to navigate what they are experiencing, they are now able to process all of the information at hand and can see the new opportunity to express that information in front of them.

Specifically, this breakthrough could be surrounding a situation or emotion where there was (or still is) a lot of conflict involved. It would be very wise for the Feminine collective to reflect back on what has been causing them a lot of grief or tension in the past few weeks and see if there is a noticeable pattern of silencing themselves rather than communicating their frustrations. It is likely that is where this new breakthrough can be found. It would be wise for the Divine Feminines to meditate on what is being presented to them and contemplate on the best way to communicate or express these revelations and ideas that are presenting themselves to them. It is also important for the Feminines to remember that they do not have to say "yes" to every new idea or to communicate every thought or grievance they have. Sometimes it is wise to pause and reevaluate what they are working through and even say "no" to a new opportunity or speaking on a new thought.

This week, the Divine Masculines are firmly connected to building a stable and solid foundation for themselves (and in turn their Divine Counterpart), with a heavy focus on the material or 3D world. This could appear as if they are very focused on exclusively themselves or their material needs, but in reality, this is wanting to build to provide a better life for themselves and their partner. At the Masculine's core, they have a desire to provide a loving and fulfilled life for their partner and in this week's current energy, this is more focused in the material realm. The Masculine could be thinking very heavily on their life purpose in connection to their career, their financials, and their material goods and if it is "enough" for the life they are aiming to build.

With all that the Divine Masculine wishes to hold and offer for themselves and their life partner, there comes a sense of responsibility. The Masculines need to head the line between responsibility and burden, and be mindful to not take on so much or put themselves down so much that they are almost psyching themselves out of trusting that they can accomplish everything they desire. At their core, they intuitively know that they are fully capable of accomplishing and having everything they desire, but that ego can certainly be a bitch and it may rear its ugly head this week, especially when it comes to comparison.

The energy that is being shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in this new week surrounds inspired action. Both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling a call to action or inspiration to take action heavily in this new week. How this will manifest can vary depending on the person and in no way should this be forced (otherwise it wouldn't be inspired action... duh). It will simply arise and the Divine Partners will just feel this surge of inspiration to take action and they are being guided to do so.

It is being suggested that a lot of this inspired action that the Masculines and the Feminines are feeling called to take will surround the concept of transition and ending negative cycles. We have been seeing a pattern of navigating where negative patterns/cycles and past hurts/traumas have been heavy on the mind for both the Masculine and the Feminine and for many, that is coming to a head in this week as they both feel called to step up and act on making a change to better themselves, their current reality, and their connection to their Twin Flame.

The energy that is being shared between the Masculine and the Feminine in this new week can be very exciting and the key to navigating that energy is to tune into that excitement. To take action and release an expectation for how that action has to play out. There are no has to or supposed to in this week. There is simply experience. It would be encouraged for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to navigate this energy almost from the curiosity of a child, where they simply act from a place of genuine inspiration and curiosity without any need to have a specific result. It is simply acting because they know that doing so will better themselves or provide them with an important lesson.

With that, as the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine take action or express their thoughts, it is important for them to remain focused on that end goal and the healing work at hand. Continuing to manifest that desired reality (aka Union) while allowing anything negative that comes up in this new week to be felt and allow it to "crumble down" so that it can be experienced, learned from, and then released. This is transmutation, acceptance, and releasing resistance. The Masculine and the Feminine are encouraged to explore how that system would look for them, embrace, enact it, and then repeat.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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