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Twin Flame Energy Reading: 6/17/24

Hello and happy new week to all on this beautiful even if sometimes chaotic Twin Flame journey 🤗🤗

How are we all feeling? I think it is important to remind everyone that these are collective messages, which means they are divinely channeled to adhere to what the majority of those of the Twin Flame journey may be experiencing... BUT that does not mean everyone! It is okay if you are not resonating with a message a certain week or if you read it and the week just goes completely opposite. It does not mean you are doing something wrong; it may have just not been a message channeled in tune with your energy that week. And that is ok! There is always next week and I do always try to put my best foot forward and channel what will resonate the most with the majority of those navigating this journey, but alas, I am unfortunately not always able to hit the mark for everyone.

So, this is me reminding you all that if for any reason a channeled reading just doesn't resonate with you a specific week, you are still doing this journey right. You are not messing something up. As long as you continue to pursue yourself love and don't give up on this journey, then nothing can ruin your path to Union!

Now with that, let's dive into this week's Twin Flame channeled energy reading (no pressure to me lol).

In this new week, the Divine Feminine collective is almost flipping the switch and stepping into the energy that their Masculine counterpart had been channeling over the last couple of weeks. For those in Union, this could be that they are sharing in the reward of the hard work that their Masculine has put off. This could also refer to relishing in the achievement of an emotional block that has been cleared, allowing them to fully embrace and step into a grounded energy, whether they are in Union or in separation.

There is a lot of energy that is connected to their Divine Masculine, almost as if the Feminine has taken on the role of planning for long-term stability and is very connected to their material abundance and desires. There is nothing wrong with the focus being on the material world and the grounded foundation for the future, rather than the focus being on the energetic connection. The Feminine collective will be facing a lot of choices in terms of how they will pursue and navigate their focus. The key for the Feminine this week will to be genuinely honest with themselves, as sometimes it is easy to act in pursuit of something that is for our instant gratification and ego's desires rather than act in alignment with our genuine highest good. Honesty with the self is the best policy.

Just as the Feminine is feeling connected and stepping into the energy of their Masculine, so too is the Masculine feeling connected and stepping into the energy that their Feminine counterpart has been accruing. The Divine Masculine's focus over the last few weeks has been very heavy on the material world, their current reality, and their long-term stability/life purpose. Now it is far more focused on the connection they are feeling with their Twin Flame. It is as if they aren't able to shake the energy of their other person, which is confirmed with a Four of Wands, a card of Twin Flame confirmation.

The Masculine is balancing a desire to take swift action in this new week. Many may actually work up the courage to take action towards connecting with their Twin Flame. If so, it is important to remember that while taking action, they are doing so out of a place of love for self/their Divine counterpart, as well as acting from a less of released expectations. This means that they are okay with how the cookie will crumble, because they are coming from a place of unconditional love. The Divine Masculine is also feeling very nostalgic in this week, where they are reminiscing on the past and the connection with their Divine Feminine. There is a sense of longing in the air with their Divine counterpart, so a lot of this action being taken could be inspired by this.

The energy that is being shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine is very much grounded, nurturing, and full of new beginnings. There is a mirroring effect happening within the Page and Ace of Pentacles. Both are representative of a new beginning or opportunity in a way, with the door being opened with the Ace and the Page being the first steps or planning occurring. With this, the Masculine and the Feminine are both mirroring each other as they both are putting forth a new effort towards building a stable foundation for themselves, which then builds a stable foundation for their Union. This is not a very action heavy energy, but there is a lot of grounded and thought out motion being played.

They are both also nurturing themselves and their connection with their Twin Flame as they take this baby steps towards each other and towards establishing a foundation for themselves. There are fears that naturally come up in these beginning stages and it is safe to feel into them, and not only feel into them, but nurture that fear. Give it love, give it safety, give it security. They are giving themselves the space to feel their feelings and then the strength to move through it, because both the Masculine and the Feminine are strong enough to get through anything that comes up for them.

Finally, the way through, or better to enhance or to navigate, this energy that is being presented for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine starts with really stepping into their power and being clear on what they wish to manifest in. It is safe to establish boundaries with others and it is almost more important to establish boundaries with themselves. Being clear on what they want and not settling for less. But doing this requires open and honest communication with themselves; it always starts with themselves. So having this open and bluntly honest dialogue with themselves (or with their Ascension Coach 😏) sets the path for movement toward manifesting those desires.

It also comes back to self-love. This journey always always ALWAYS comes back to self-love. I know the Lovers can be an exciting card and for many this very well could be an indication of Union to come, but for most, this truly is a reminder that self-love is needed every single step of the way. Every single minute of every single day the Masculine and the Feminine need to be showering themselves in so much self-love that it allows them to wash away the heart break, the trauma, the fear, the doubt, the ego. The ego has to die and that can feel painful and it can feel scary, but it always going to be the most liberating thing that one can do for themselves.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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