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Twin Flame Energy Reading: 6/10/24

Haaaappppyyy new week for all you Twin Flames out there!

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Now with that, we will get into this week's reading!

The Divine Feminine collective's energy is very positive and uplifting entering into this new week. We see that they took the energy that they experienced in the previous week and moved through it to allow for progression in their individual spiritual healing, as well as within their Twin Flame connection.

There is a renewal of hope and trust within their Twin Flame journey and within themselves in connection to their life purpose. Where the Feminine may have been experiencing a lack of trust and hope that their Union is destined for them, many in the collective are feeling that resurgence of trust that everything is going to work out divinely in perfect timing. There has also alongside this been a renewal in their own spiritual journey and path toward their life purpose. Where the Feminine may have experienced a loss of faith or drive to do the inner healing, that has been restored within this new week. The Page of Swords mirrors almost perfectly where there had been an Ace of Swords in the previous week, so the new ideas and thoughts regarding communication that had been coming to them in the previous week are growing stronger. It is encouraged for the Feminine to continue to explore this and expand on what ideas are coming to them. It is guiding them towards something even greater than they could imagine in the coming weeks.

In the previous week, we saw the Divine Masculine collective building on wanting to establish solid ground for themselves and wanting to attract material abundance to provide a sustainable and stable future for themselves. In this new week, this is expanding and the Masculine is wanting to share that with their Divine Partner.

There is a desire to share the wealth or abundance they are either acquiring or pursuing in this current Masculine energy. The Masculine has been very consistent in wanting to focus on their current reality and working on their life purpose, especially in connection to their material abundance. Where the focus has previously been centered around themselves (which is okay!!) and their life purpose, in this new week, the Masculine is feeling called to want to share that or is planning this sustainable future with their Divine Partner in mind. It cannot be stressed enough that it is, in fact, with their Divine Counterpart in mind and not any third party or Karmic, as they are not one in their heart and soul and the Masculine cannot truly envision this sustainable future with anyone besides their Feminine partner. There is a lot of strength that the Masculine is channeling, as it required for them to provide themselves and another with long term grounded energy. This ultimately is leading to their happily ever after that they are pursuing. The Masculine also has to maintain that strength in the pursuit of their Twin Flame Union, because of the pressure they are putting themselves through in order to show up authentically and permanently for their Twin Flame, and to provide for them for the long term.

The energy that is being shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine collectives is far more grounded and centered than what we saw in the previous week. While last week there was far more of a call to take inspired action, in this new week, it is a more slow moving and grounded connected energy. It is reflective of what action they took in the previous week (or lack of action if some ignored that Divine inspiration).

There is a lot of reflection occurring between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, as they took or did not take a lot of inspired or forced action in this previous week (it will vary depending on how each Twin Flame couple decided to handle the energy being presented previously). There is a lot of potential for the Divine Counterparts to be able to transmute the energy that they have been experiencing and this is providing them with an opportunity to learn from the emotions that surfaced with the surrounding actions taken in the previous week. This is the "judgement" that is coming to pass, as whether or not they took action or ignored that inspiration, there is an emotion that has surfaced in response and it needs tending to, as well as it could have impacted their 3D circumstance... which in turns triggers more emotions that need tending to. This is leaving the Masculine and the Feminine with a choice on how to continue to proceed. If they have not been actively pursuing their own Twin Flame Union and spiritual healing, will they continue on that route or make a choice to better themselves? If they have been, then will they continue to persist in the face of any adversity or give into the stress of a temporary moment?

I cannot stress enough how important it is for you guys to feel the feelings, allow them to flow, allow yourselves to fall apart, so you can come back together stronger. Maybe then we will finally stop getting the Tower in how to handle the shared energy! 😉

No matter what transpired in the previous weeks or what is felt during this upcoming week, it is absolutely crucial to allow yourself to feel through anything that is surfacing. It can be very uncomfortable and triggering to feel into any negative emotions, doubts, or fears that come up, but it HAS TO BE DONE! It may sound like a broken record at this rate, but nothing that is permanent and sustainable can be built on a crumbling foundation. This can also extend to honoring their boundaries. Both the Masculine and the Feminine need to get clear on what their boundaries are and then upholding them with their Divine Partner, others, and themselves. This centers on protecting their peace, which is a core component of building that stable foundation. No long term relationship can be established out of chaos and disorder. Peace is crucial. So with that, it is time to surrender anything that is no longer serving them, particularly, poor habits such as not defending themselves, honoring boundaries, or even establishing them. That surrender can be very triggering for a lot of folks on the Twin Flame journey, but it is so important, because it allows them to surrender into the Divine and trust that everything is going to happen and that they do not need to force pieces together. They are designed to come together naturally and the only thing that needs to be forced is self love.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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