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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 05/27/24

Happy Monday to all the Twin flippity floppity Flames out there!

I always want to give credit to where credit is due, so we are once again using the Major Arcana and Oracle Deck from Mike Willcox!

There is a lot of energy that is boiling up under the surface within the Divine Masculines and the Divine Feminines in this upcoming week. This could be in part due to the changing of seasons, from Taurus to Gemini, as well as this could be in relation to the passing Full Moon in Sagittarius, both of which are indicative of transition. There is always a decision on how to handle this transition of energy, whether the Divine Partners choose to allow the energy to transmute and flow through them or force it to remain stagnant and... well that never really goes well lol.

With that being said, let's get into it.

The Divine Feminine is really emerged in the shifting energy that comes with the changing of the season. We have just transitioned from Taurus season to Gemini season and the Feminine collective is heavily feeling that shift moving into this week, and with that they are able to see the path up toward Union and hold space for themselves with the obstacles that come along with that journey.

The Mountain is all about the journey they are on in its entirety. This encompasses the challenges, the growth, the achievements, the goals... the transformation of the Divine Feminine throughout this entire Twin Flame journey. How this will resonate will be very individualized, but this is indicating that the journey in and of it's self is very heavy on the Feminine's mind in this new week. It would almost be encouraged to look at it in terms of comparing where the Feminine was at the start of this journey to where they are now, as this will truly reflect how much growth they have had. There may be challenges ahead still, but that is never going to be a reflection on whether their Union can be achieved. The Feminine collective is becoming more confident in their ability to handle obstacles as they appear, and this is key to continuing forward.

It is also important to remember that even when Union is achieved, that does not mean the journey is over. There is always more ascending ahead. Union is not the peak, it is merely going to get you to the peak faster!

We also see the Feminine feeling very heavily into the transition of Taurus to Gemini season. Taurus was calling for them to hold fast in the face of adversity and there may have been a lot of that adversity in the passing season, but now they are stepping into a period of clarity and it is calling for even more clear and concise communication around what they have learned in the face of the challenges they had to persevere through. Questions that may be coming up for the Divine Feminine in this new week are: What has challenged me recently? How did I persist through those challenges? How did I adapt? How can I communicate my needs and feelings (even if it is just with themself) regarding this challenge? Is this truly something I need protection from or can I release this to the Divine?

The Divine Masculine has a lot of energy that was being moved through in previous weeks continuing into this week (sorry DMS!), such as the feeling of needing to break negative patterns and cycles. There is a balance in doing so and navigating this energy that the Masculine has to understand and embrace. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel and a clear vision forming for many in the Masculine collective.

The Masculine is still reeling in from the previous week's energy, specifically with the Devil card. This is again an indicator of the Masculine having to identify what is keeping them chained into their current circumstance or way of feeling. For those who have not been heading the lessons from the previous collective readings: Own your shit and break those chains! There cannot be growth if they are keeping themselves tied to what is holding them back, so that needs to be addressed. It is time to rid themselves of ego and allow themselves to finally grow out of where they are stuck.

With Yin and Yang as the next card, there is balance to be had all throughout the Divine Masculine's energy. There needs to be balance with how they navigate and divide their energy/attention. There even needs to be balance with breaking the chains as mentioned above. If all of the Masculine's energy is in one area of their life, there isn't enough reserved energy to give back toward them, so they can recharge and rejuvenate and then re-rally to break more chains. There is balance in everything we as people do and the Masculine needs to really get clear on how they are balancing the many different facets in their life.

With the Star, this is a reminder for the Masculine to truly see and embrace how powerful they are, how powerful their soul is, how powerful Union with their Twin Flame is. This is a light at the end of the tunnel, a glow in the dark sky, it is a source of hope. Renewed hope, even. The Star knows itself deeply and unconditionally it gives back to itself, and this is what the Masculine is being guided to. Give to the self, love the self, and recognize the ultimate power of the self. When they can achieve that and embrace all that the Star embodies, there is no stopping them on their way to Ascension.

The energy that is being shared between the Masculine and the Feminine heavily surrounds the uproar of energy that came with the Full Moon in Sagittarius from last week. This is carrying into this new week and that is pushing them to confront fears and make changes within themselves and their connection to better both. There is also an emphasis in this new week in recognizing themselves as individuals and celebrating that individuality. While Twin Flames are one at their core, there are still two partners involved and it is important for them to not lose sight of that. All that is being done though is setting a strong foundation for Union to come.

Sagittarius has now come up twice in back to back readings, which is very fitting giving the passing of the Full Moon in Sagittarius in the previous week, almost the mid point between weekly readings. This is all about identifying and taking inspired action to conquer fear. The Masculine and the Feminine both are feeling that inspiration to look at the darker parts of themselves and their connection to each other, and face how that is making them feel. It can be scary and almost feel counterproductive to look at how their Divine Counterpart is affecting them negatively, because we are so programmed to try to look at everything with love and light. Don't be so blinded by the light that you can't see into the dark, where more unconditional love is needed. Sagittarius is pushing the Masculine and the Feminine to do so and to trust in the Divine wisdom and guidance they have received thus far to help them navigate what they find when they go searching in the dark for fears to conquer.

With one more Zodiac for this week's reading (side note: I don't think we have ever gotten THIS many in one reading!), the energy of Aquarius is being chanelled in the energy that is being shared between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine. This is a celebration of individuality and while it is true that Twin Flames are one at their core, they are still two components to one unit. They have their differences. Different emotions, different life experiences, different interests, different personality traits, etc, etc. This week may be a great time for the Masculine and the Feminine to celebrate themselves and rejoice in everything that makes them unique and an individual. This is a deep form of self-love, which the entire Twin Flame journey is calling for more of.

With Foundation, this is an indicator that more of this work that is being called to tend to between the Masculine and the Feminine is aiding in building the foundation for Union. Union is the goal for all of us and it cannot be called in if we are not fully prepared to sustain it, so the inner work that is required of us is key here because that is the Divine Partners setting up their foundation to build on. Not only that, but this is also about preparation for what is to come. For some this could be reuniting, for others this could be finally Union. No matter what is coming around the river bend (cue Pocahontas), the inner work that is being triggered in this week is helping the Masculine AND the Feminine in preparing.

The way through the current energy comes back to holding patience with themselves and their Twin Flame, as well as upholding moderation. Not giving too much or too little toward others. It will be especially important to have patience and moderation, because part of navigating this energy being felt is to allow themselves to dive deep into their inner world and find the root causes of whatever is still upsetting them, allow emotions to surface up. This may feel intense, but with patience, balance, and moderation, these sudden changes within will not feel as overbearing and will allow for new beginnings.

I believe this is the 2nd week in a row where Temperance has been channelled as a part of how the Divine Partners are to navigate the energy they are experience. Patience is a virtue, even though I know we all hate to hear that and maybe don't always agree. It is so, so important to not only hold patience for ourselves, but for our Twin Flame. Holding that patience and compassion, because they are on their own journey just as you are and it is equally as challenging as your own journey. Where can more patience be given during this week? How can we offer that patience to others and to our Twin Flame? How can we implement balance and moderation into our energy? These are all key questions that Temperance is asking and knowing the answers will be greatly helpful in navigating the energy of this week.

The Ocean is all about depth, specifically exploring the inner depth within themselves. There are emotions that run deep, whether good or bad, and they all need to rise to the surface so they can be covered in the warm sun rays of love. We cannot move through an energy that we allow to stay hidden under the current. So as intense as this energy can feel, it is still so important to surf that wave anyways and recognize what emotions are coming up for them at any given moment.

As the last card, we have the Hurricane (more water puns ahead?). This is the intensity that we were just referring to with the Ocean. There may be intense feelings coming up in this week, but by exploring that depth, riding that wave, and allow the currents to be disrupted so those lingering upsets and feelings can rise to the surface, we can finally change the course we were going on. We can welcome in a new beginning. The Masculine and the Feminine are encouraged to swim straight into the eye of the Hurricane this week rather than try to swim away. In other words, do not run from the intensity or hide from what is upsetting you; allow yourself to feel it and trust that this will pass AND open the door for a new beginning to come in.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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