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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 05/20/24

Happy new week to all you on the Twin flippity floppity Flame journey!

We saw last week that there was a surge of almost productive energy in regards to many of the Divine Masculines and Divine Feminines were really taking inventory on how to best utilize their energy and time in regards to overcoming obstacles on their individual journeys. This extends to their personal goals, acting in alignment with their life purpose (which is one in the same!), and within their romantic connection to their Twin Flame.

We used traditional tarot in the last week's energy read, but this week we are going to use the Mike Willcox Major Arcana and Oracle deck (a personal favorite of mine!).

I've said it before and I will say it again, oftentimes, the energy on the Twin Flame journey can go up and then go back down, then go back, maybe stay neutral, theeeeeen go back down. No telling how it may go each week (hence why we do these weekly lol) and in this new week, the energy is feeling probably a bit lower, but remember that even low or heavy energy is merely an opportunity to go deeper into self-love! ❤️ So if we are feeling down, just remember that you are capable of giving yourself EVERYTHING that you need and giving yourself all the love you desire. It starts within you!

With that, let's get to this week's reading...

In this new week, the Divine Feminine is experiencing a surge of passion and energy to put to death old cycles and negative patterns. It may feel extremely doing so in this new week, as it will require them to fully face what is no longer serving them, but by doing so, it is allowing for a new beginning. And doing so is honoring their inner truth and intuition.

The first energy card being channeled for the Divine Feminine this week is Aries. Aries has a very bold and passionate energy, and it really is focused in on protecting the things and the people they love. This translates into the Feminine collective feeling that impulse to protect themselves, their connection with their Twin Flame, and their Divine truth... which is that their bond with their Twin Flame is not able to be broken. With that being said, there is a fine line between being protective and being defensive, so it is strongly encouraged that the Divine Feminine mind that line and make sure they are not acting out of any negative emotion under the guise of protecting their Twin Flame connection or their Union. Aries also encourages the Feminine collective to remember the importance of boundaries and honor boundaries set by themselves and their Twin Flame.

The Death card is from the Major Arcana and indicates the ending of an old cycle to allow a new one to begin. This is indicating that a doorway is opening for the Feminine collective and while this may not necessarily translate to a "new beginning" or reconciliation with their Twin Flame for many in the collective, this is serving as an opportunity to step into something new within themselves. Which is HIGHLY encouraged! Death is not an ending, but a transformation of energy and how the Divine Feminine may choose to transform that energy is up to them. But as a gentle reminder... we cannot welcome in something new and better if we do not make space by getting rid of the old (aka what is no longer serving us).

The final card for the Feminine energy in this new week is the High Priestess. This is as blunt of a reminder as it can get for the Divine Feminine to trust their intuition. Their is a divine truth they are being guided toward and they do know it deep within their soul, at their core. That truth is what they are being guided toward is their Union with their Twin Flame and while the journey there may feel confusing and may be riddled with doubt and fear, it does not have to be. There is divine truth and wisdom being presented to the Feminine and they have to trust it.

Much like the Feminine, the Divine Masculine is in search of this higher truth and understanding of the path they are on. They feel very called to make their journey make sense and make sense of what they may know intuitively but are doubting. This sense of doubt is what is keeping them entangled in their current cycle and it won't be until they can break it that a new circumstance or reality can unfold around them.

The Divine Masculine is seeking to understand their divine truth, their ever-persistent draw to their Twin Flame, and their life purpose. All of these things, all of which make up the Masculine and the Feminine) are interconnected (hint hint for the next card... the spiderweb) and there is meaning within all of it. The Masculine is seeking to understand and learn that meaning, so they are exploring themselves. This may not look too different from an outsider's perspective, but within themselves, they are really diving deep into this search for knowledge and meaning. Many in the Masculine collective may even be experiencing a surge of energy and excitement while doing so, as if they are connecting to their core, to their truest self, more than they have in a long time.

And we are now brought to the Spiderweb. As said above, everything that makes up the Masculine and the Feminine are interconnected. This can serve as a positive because there is meaning that can be widespread across aspects of their life, but this can also be an opportunity for growth... and no, that is not a negative, it is a positive just not always a comfy one😊. So the Masculine is also having to explore and understand what is keeping them held back from feeling good about their life, about their connection to their Twin Flame, and about themselves. This is a good week for that opportunity of growth because it allows for introspection to occur and then opens an opportunity to cut ties with anything that does not serve their growth.

Then with Judgment as the last card, that indicates that how they move through this week will reflect what the end result is. If the Masculine is not honoring the knowledge they are receiving around their divine truth, the guidance in reflecting on what is holding them back and then cutting ties, and the meaning of things that they are discovering.... then the outcome is more repeated negative cycles, it is delays in Union, it is feeling more trapped in the bad feelings, etc. etc. If they choose to honor all of those things, that allows for the result to be positive and productive for the Masculine.

The energy that is being shared between the Masculine and the Feminine surrounds identifying those negative patterns and beliefs within us and identifying how the Masculine and the Feminine keep themselves and each other chained to the past. This could feel very heavy and dark periodically throughout the week. Still, they are both far more resilient than they may feel at times and they are powerful enough to transmute that energy and move it forward into something healthier for their connection. It will just require some resourcefulness, bravery, and energy.

So with the Devil, a card we are all VERY familiar with at this rate, we know that this shows us that the Masculine and the Feminine are collectively and unitedly feeling chained in some way regarding their connection to their Twin Flame. How this could resonate or where they are feeling stuck in a negative cycle could vary depending on each Twin Flame partnership, but it is highly, highly, HIGHLY recommended that introspection is utilized here. Being able to identify those negative patterns, beliefs, fears, etc. will allow the Divine Counterparts to break free of those chains and embrace a better, healthier, and more stable connection.

Scorpio energy is all about resilience, power, loyalty, and resourcefulness. So this indicates that no matter the situation the Divine Partners may be, whether together or in their individual lives, they understand there is a way to navigate through it. Even when it feels like it is them against the world, there is a way to navigate and persevere and that is what has to be explored. Scorpio pushes them to explore how much power they truly have within themselves, then hone it and utilize it. There is ALWAYS a way through whatever circumstance, emotion, or energy that is being presented and both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling that push to push through and connect to their inner power.

With Leo added to this trio as a third complement to the energy, this indicates firey passion, ambition, courage, and bravery. Many in the collective may find they are feeling called to boldly push through and conquer any obstacles that are in their path or overcome and heal any emotional obstacle (trauma wound, anger, resentment, fear, anxiety, etc.). If that resonates, then they can rest assured that their Twin Flame is mirroring this, as well. It is important to also remember that there is no measure for how big or accomplished the "conquering" must be, in order to feel like they are truly making progress. Progress is progress, no matter how small. Both the Masculine and the Feminine are allowed to take pride in whatever headway they make, and they can relish in the radiance of that advancement.

The way through the energy that is being presented between the Masculine and the Feminine is to rally the strength to push forward, even when it feels as if it is too difficult to handle. By allowing this rumbling of emotions and confrontation of negative cycles to occur, this will allow both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to break free of that pattern and build something new. They just have to be more patient with themselves, as they are doing the very best they can in every moment.

Also, let's note that this is a triple Major Arcana pull... so big moves and big energy here.

Once again, we have pulled the Strength card. I'm not sure about ya'll, but I personally feel like this gets pulled at least every other week if not every week. This is because this journey requires. I cannot say it enough that the Twin Flame journey can be HARD. It is filled with challenges because it pushes you to confront your trauma and wounds and it forces you to face yourself, even the parts of yourself you don't like. It always comes back to you and what this is mirroring within YOU. So, strength is needed here, because this cannot be done efficiently if the Masculine and the Feminine are doing this from a place avoidance. It takes couarge to confront themselves and call themselves on their own BS.

The Tower is one of the most dreaded cards in the entire deck, both for this deck and regular Tarot. In connection to the energy with this specific week, we can refer to this as a crumbling. The crumbling of the old. Old cycles, old patterns, old beliefs, old fears, old versions of self. A new tower cannot be effectively built on top of a pre-existing tower, especially when it is filled with cracks. The structure is just too weak. Similarly, Union cannot be built if the foundation it is being built on is breaking apart. It HAS to crumble down to allow for better to be built. So... allow it.

And finally, we have Temperance. Patience. Ask yourself, "how patient am I being with myself today? How patient am I being with myself in this journey?" My guess would be that neither the Masculine nor the Feminine could answer this with "100%!!". It is just too easy to fall into a spiral of wishing things would hurry up, wishing things were here and done already, wondering why something isn't here yet not changing what needs to be changed, etc. etc. Both the Masculine and the Feminine need to remember to stop, breathe, and remember that they and their Twin Flame deserve the time and patience to allow for Union to form perfectly and securely. Nothing that is good, sustainable, and permanent comes quick. Nothing that is Divine can be rushed.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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