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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 05/13/24

Happy May to all you Divine Masculines and Feminines!

We know it has been a while since we released a full in depth version of the Twin Flame reading. We had a lot of upheaval to work through ourselves and we needed the time as a company, and as individuals, to move through that. We appreciate the patience you guys have had, as we know how many of you love these readings!

Moving into this new week, there is a lot of moving energy, specifically regarding how to process the feelings, the circumstances we are being presented with, and processing how to move forward with all of that. There is a huge difference in how the Feminine and the Masculine process and respond to their emotions and the journey itself, and that feels very evident in this new week. So here is a bit of encouragement and a loving reminder that just because your Twin Flame is not presenting themselves in the same way you are... just because they do not handle this journey the same way you do... does NOT mean they don't feel the same as you do or that they do not love you.

They are going through their own process, buuuuut here is a bit of insight into their process 😉. And hint: just because this is the process coming up for the DF and DM this week, does not mean it won't change as energy does, nor does it mean you cannot choose differently if what you are doing doesn't feel like it is in alignment with your highest good.

Now let's get into it.

This week, the Divine Feminine is feeling a bit stuck in their emotions and in their circumstances, specifically with where they are at in their Twin Flame journey. There is a lot of anxiety that could be surfacing keeping the Feminine in this "stuck" feeling, but there is also a solution, which is to walk away, surrender, and release.

With the Hanged Man to start, this is indicative of the "stuck" feeling the Feminine is experiencing. It can quite literally translate into the feminine feeling like they are just kinda left suspended in this situation they are in wondering WTF is going to happen next. The key here with the Hanged Man is that it is symbolic of something much greater than hanging around (pun intended) waiting to see what happens next. It is showing the Divine Feminine that they are being met with an invitation to surrender, to release expectations and fear.

The 9 of Swords shows specifically what is keeping the Feminine in this stuck energy and that is their fear. That is their anxiety, their worries, their expectations (both negative and positive... as no expectations should keep you stuck in any moment), and anything that is keeping them feeling like they can't move forward.

Hint: The answer to why you can't move forward is never because of your Twin Flame. It is always because of you and your choice of whether or not to move through the energy being presented to you.

Your Twin Flame is only ever going to point you to where your healing is needed and where you can give yourself more love. So, if your Twin Flame is not reflecting back to you exactly what you desire, then that is the opportunity to explore that, to surrender to the Divine and to yourself even. Give yourself everything that you want in that moment from your Twin Flame. With the 6 of Swords following, that is the invitation for the Divine Feminine to simply walk away from what is keeping them stuck. AGAIN, that is not your Twin Flame or your Twin Flame journey. This is walking away (releasing, letting go, call it what you will...) from the patterns you are keeping yourself in.

Where the Feminine is navigating how to proceed with what is keeping them stuck, the Masculine is navigating how to proceed with the energy they have available to offer. They are trying to figure out how to give their energy in a way that will align them with their highest good and offer them stability and long term wish fulfillment.

The Seven of Pentacles is about progress, perseverance, planning, and patience (yay alliteration!). This is showing that the Masculine is spending a lot of time trying to determine how to best use their time and energy. These are both such valuable resources and even the Masculine, who typically embodies a take charge and call for action attitude, needs to sometimes hit the pause button to evaluate how they are using their time and energy. They are asking themselves if what they are spending their energy on is in alignment with their highest good? Are they working toward their life purpose or are they staying stagnant? The questions may not even specifically pertain to the Twin Flame journey or their Divine Feminine, but it all comes back to the Masculine trying to process how to get themselves to align with the best for them and that is ALWAYS going to end with Union with their Twin Flame.

The Page of Pentacles shows us that the Masculine is even excited in this exploration, as they may be feeling energized by this ambition and focus they are feeling connected to how they want to spend their time. This could be very motivating for the Masculine, as many might be recognizing that their time, energy, and devotion is something to treasure. They are under no obligation to give away their energy, especially when it comes to things that don't align with their greatest good or life purpose. This is page energy, so it can feel a bit naive or all over the place, but that is because they may be dabbling with how to best utilize this ambition and desire to plan and prepare.

With the Ten of Pentacles, this is confirmation that harmony, love, stability, and security is truly what the Masculine desires for both himself and his Divine Partner. There are a lot of hurdles that get presented in the Twin Flame journey and it is how we all navigate them that show us what truly is important. The Masculine is recognizing, in their own way and in their own time, what matters to them and then they are making decisions in honor of that.

The energy that is being shared by the Masculine and the Feminine is very strong this week. It is authoritative and seeking more structure, as well as they are both gathering strength to move forward in their individual journeys. It is almost as is if the Divine is guiding them forward despite what obstacles may be present and despite the ego whispering in their ear. This is allowing them to intuitively know that the path they are on will allow for a new beginning that is stable and sustainable between them and their Divine Partner.

The Emperor starts off the shared energy and that is a STRONG energy to start off with. The Emperor is authoritative. It is powerful, it demands structure and discipline, and it seeks control. Now with this, there is a fine balance to be had here for both the Masculine and the Feminine. There is a line between taking charge of their own journey and seeking to control the other person and the outcome. It is highly encouraged for both the Masculine and the Feminine to claim responsibility for where they are in their journey and it is valid to seek structure and make this journey make sense. It often doesn't! The Twin Flame journey can feel complicated and it makes sense to want to make everything that occurs fit in a rule book, but it simply cannot always be that way. The Divine Counterparts could be feeling frustrated with that, as well as frustrated with the balance of control vs. accountability. It is encouraged for them both to look at their actions and ask if this truly has them feeling empowered or does it leave them in a state of anxiety. THAT will help them navigate the difference.

With Strength following the Emperor, that adds to the powerful nature of the energy that is felt between the Masculine and the Feminine. The Divine Partners may be feeling more confident in their connection to each other or even brave in expressing and moving forward in that connection. For those in separation or who may not resonate, this Strength card can indicate that there is self-confidence growing and self-love that is growing and that is just as important as confidence in their partner.

This collective shared energy that is building between the Masculine and the Feminine is ultimately opening a door for a solid new beginning that offers a sustainable romantic relationship, as shown with the Ace of Pentacles. This is both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine's ultimate desire. They both want that Harmonious Union and the feelings that they are experiencing and working through are leading them to that Union, they both just have to trust it.

With the over all energy that is being felt between the Masculine and the Feminine, it is like, well... what is there to work through? And then how do we even work through what is seemingly positive energy? It comes down to making choices that are in alignment with that ultimate fulfillment in mind. This is about willpower and self-discipline, and then feeding the connection by almost removing the pressure of "it HAS to be this person or I will be unfilfilled". Your Twin Flame is not just your ultimate lover, but also your absolute best friend and that friendship needs fueling and attention too.

Before we even start, can we pay attention to how many seven cards have been pulled for this week? Seven is an indicator of luck... so maybe some luck and magic is being manifested for us all this week 🤞

And now.... The Seven of Cups! This is all about choices and searching for purpose. So the first part in navigating the energy as individuals and as Divine Counterparts is reflection on where your choices align, similar to what the Masculine is navigating specifically. Are you making choices that honor that Union you seek? Are you making choices that fulfill your highest self or are you giving into ego and making choices from ego? It can be a kick to the ego (for lack of better wording lol) to have to reflect on that, but it is important. Another side of this Seven of Cups is about daydreaming and romanticizing the journey. It is okay and it is safe to fall in love with the process of achieving Union, even through the shitty parts and through separation. It is okay to think of that ultimate outcome and rejoice in knowing that you CAN and WILL attain it. However!! There is once again a balance in day dreaming about that ultimate wish fulfillment and living in fantasy. Do not be so in your head that you are not tending to the inner work that needs to be worked through.

With the Chariot following that, this is encouragement to take off and go get it. If you are in a position where you can boldly claim your Union, then DO IT!

If you are not able to claim your Union with your Divine Partner in this moment, then claim your end result and trust that it will happen. You are brave and powerful and are co-creating this ultimate happy ending. You get to have it, you just have to decide and then STICK TO IT!

Finally, the Three of Cups appears as a reminder to not exclusively treat this connection with your Twin Flame as the ultimate end all be all, as if they are a prize to attain and nothing else. They are not just your perfect complement and partner. They are also your best friend, your best spiritual teacher, and a human being going through their own complex process to Union, as well! Treating that connection with more unconditional love, reducing expectations, and allowing for them to be human will give you both some grace in this process. Treat your Twin Flame like you would your best friend! And while you are at it, both the Masculine and the Feminine (so yes you reading this) need to treat themselves like they are their own best friend!

Please feel free to write in and let us know how this resonates! We love to hear from you guys and are so blessed to be able to support you through this journey!

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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