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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 03/18/24

Hello and Happy Saint Patrick's Day to all who celebrate 🍻🍀🍻

This week's Twin Flame Collective Energy Reading is especially empowering as both the Masculine and the Feminine are navigating deeply moving energies, all of which is ultimately bringing them closer to their Twin Flame. That being said, there is still a lot to work through for many in the Collective to achieve their Union, but it is evident by the energies presenting in this current week that there is movement, whether or not it's visible, that is bringing the Masculine and the Feminine together. Maybe it is the luck of the Irish🍀 or maybe it is that both partners are mirroring each other's healing and the work is beginning to show!

Check it out below!

Much like in the previous week, the Divine Feminine's energy embodied that of love, choice, and trusting their intution. Both last week's and this week's readings start off with The Lovers and that really goes to show how the energy in this current week has built from the previous. The Divine Feminine can be seen making progressive movement forward in their healing journey, which is bringing their manifestations in, even if it still happening behind the scenes.

This week's Divine Feminine energy is very empowering! The Feminine is being presented with more confirmation regarding their Union, as well as aligning their choices with their values and desires. As the Feminine collective does this, there will be grounded, sustainable movement that will provide abundance.

Just as in the previous week, the Divine Feminine collective starts with The Lovers card. The Lovers card is extremely powerful as it can signify so much depending on where the Feminine is on the journey or in their life, in general. The Lovers can be confirmation for Union with their Divine Partner and confirmation of who their Twin Flame is. More importantly in this week, the Lovers signifies trusting their intuition and choosing to commit to unconditional love in all areas of their life, especially towards themselves and their Twin Flame journey. The true way to receive confirmation regarding Union and who their Twin Flame is is through going within to connect to their Divine Source and Highest Self, as that will intuitively inform them and provide that confirmation.

From there, the Feminine is left with nothing but to choose unconditional love and pursue it wholeheartedly.

The Justice card comes in clutch right after to affirm this is choice of unconditional love is what will lead to their ultimate desires coming into fruition. It is also a push to find balance within oneself so the Divine Feminine can remained aligned to receive and accept their manifestations. Answering the question, "Are your choices, thoughts, and actions aligning with your true self and your values?" will provide clarity as the Feminine collective navigates this. In addition to that, this is a call to balance conflicting energies within the Feminine as an individual. A balance of Feminine and Masculine energy. A balance of prioritizing the self vs others. A balance of focusing on their Twin Flame versus focusing on their own healing.

The Queen of Pentacles appears as an indication of what the result of doing the internal work and choosing unconditional love can bring. There is a lot of reward and growth that manifests from doing the work and healing the self, and not only does that reward manifest exactly as you desire it but also it manifests sustainably so it can remain. That is not to say all the rewards, Union, and breakthroughs the Feminine are seeking may come in this exact week. Instead, it is assurance that this is the result and the Feminine collective is being called to see this end result and release the doubt and need to control to allow this sustainable and abundant reward to come in in its perfect timing.

Unlike the Feminine's energy which built from the previous week's, the Divine Masculine energy this week is a 180 shift from the previous. Last week's energy was a bit heavier for the Masculine collective as they were confronted with the reality that maybe their current choices are not in alignment with their truth and their heart, and now they have to face the consequence of correcting them.

In many ways, the Divine Masculine's collective energy is mirroring that of the Divine Feminine energy. The Divine Masculine is being called to connect to their Divine Feminine energy by nurturing themselves and continuing to grow, and with that they navigate the desire to take bold action forward with sustainable and grounded movement.

The first card for the Divine Masculine's energy this week is The Empress, which is a direct line from the Masculine to their Divine Feminine. The Empress does hold a lot of feminine energy in the way that it seeks to nurture and create a new beginning. Many in the Masculine may be mirroring the healing and growth that their Feminine counterpart has been working through. This can appear as though the Masculine is focused on the self rather than their Twin Flame, but it is important to remember that this is a focus on their healing and growth. This is required for their expansion, as it will bring them closer to their Union.

The Knight of Wands and the Page of Pentacles to follow show a duality of desire regarding movement forward within the Divine Masculine.

The Knight of Wands specifically is very indicative of the Masculine's desire to take bold action forward. While in theory, this can seem really exciting, that does not mean it is always sustainable movement forward. The Masculine is aware of this and while they may want to ride forward with haste towards a reunion with their Twin Flame, there is a voice in the back of their head that is slowing them down.

That is the voice of the Page of Pentacles. "Slowing them down" is not necessarily a bad thing! The Knight of Wands can be spontaneous, but ungrounded. The Page of Pentacles is on the back of the horse with the Knight of Wands and is working to collaborate so that movement forward is grounded and sustainable (hint: this mayhaps be fulfilling or connected to the Queen of Pentacle's reward in the DF energy!).

This combination of the fast, spontaneous energy and the slow moving, but grounded energy can feel heavy as the Masculine may feel stuck in a limbo of not even being sure how to make action forward. Forgiveness and compassion for the self (or from their Divine Feminine) is what is required here, as they navigate their own path toward their Union.

Due to the contrasting energies in the last week of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, we saw that there was a lot of dissatisfaction and frustration in their Twin Flame connection. Neither Divine Partner was fully happy with where things are with their Twin Flame, or really even themselves, as their reality is not in alignment with their highest purpose or their heart.

There is a feeling of completion and achievement between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine in this current week, but there is still a need to far even deeper in the energy being shared the two Divine Partners. There is a lot of contrasting energy in the wake or shadow of this feeling of fulfillment that they are being called to look at.

The World card is a sign of completion and achievement. It is the last card of the Major Arcana, which indicates that there is fulfillment here. For many in the collective, this truly can be a sign that their Harmonious Union is here. For others still in separation, do not be disheartened by the lack of "completion" in achieving Union as what this can indicate is there is something great being accomplished that is bringing those in separation closer to Union.

No matter how this may resonate with where the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are in their journey together, there is contrasting energies underneath that "completion" that are being brought to the surface.

The Six of Wands and the Four of Cups carry very different energies. The Six of Wands is about recognition, achievement, and celebration, while the Four of Cups is about detachment, dissatisfaction, and introspection. On a positive note, these cards together can indicate that the Masculine and the Feminine are taking in full account of their achievements and desires in life and prioritizing them, and therefore, each other and their Union. On a negative side, this can indicate that the Divine partners are feeling disatisfied with their connection to each other, because it is not reflecting their true desires. It can suggest that they have both become complacent as they mirror each other or that they aren't giving full recognition to their achievements, both together and as individuals on their Twin Flame journey.

Though there is a cycle being completed for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, there tends to be a compulsion from either partner to want to fix everything now and complete every cycle to achieve their desires. Instead of doing that, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine are being called to rest and recharge, so that they can move forward feeling more empowered and able to call in their Union.

The Four of Swords is all about rest, relaxation, and recharging. As a cycle completes, this is the perfect time for the Masculine and the Feminine to rest and take in everything that they have learned, especially with the contrasting energies being presented with this completion as indicated above. It is important to remember for both partners that it is safe to pause and recharge their batteries before taking more action. In fact, both the Masculine and the Feminine are being called to recharge.

It is very easy to fall into the trap and give into the compulsion to want to keep pushing through to fix every obstacle standing in the path to Union, as indicated by the Queen of Wands. This card is all about leadership, confident, and passionate energy. With this card following the Four of Swords, it serves to remind the Masculine and the Feminine of the importance of balancing actively pursuing a goal and restful downtime to avoid burnout. In this period of rest, the Divine Partners can redirect this Queen of Wands energy towards themselves. Rather than putting so much focus on the external and their Twin Flame, both the Masculine and the Feminine can look at their own wants and needs and put effort there.

Finally, the Two of Cups following the reflects the important of balance in our relationship with the self and with our person. A healthy relationship is sustainable when a balance of peace and passion can be achieved. The desire to end up with your Twin Flame is valid and it will be manifested, yes, but there are two individuals that make up the Divine partnership and that individuality needs to be honored as equally as the Union does. Through finding this balance, whether they are in Union or in separation, the Masculine and the Feminine will be able to bring more unconditional love into their connection.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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