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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 03/11/24

Here comes a new week and with that, a new channeled Twin Flame Energy read!

This week has a really powerful message for both Divine Partners, especially with moving through the shared energy between the Masculine and the Feminine, all surrounding the power of choice.

This week, the Divine Feminine's collective energy surrounds pursuing love and their life purpose while accepting collaboration and support in doing so.

With The Lovers card to start this off, this can speak to many Feminines differently, but it all centers on one focal truth: pursuing truth and love. For many, this can be a call to acknowledge and trust their intuition. They have been divinely led on their Twin Flame journey and where there has been doubt, this is a call to release that. To trust that they are being brought to exactly what they are meant to be. For others, this can be a sense of choice that must be made in their journey. A choice to commit to their Twin Flame path, a choice for healing and growth, a choice for unconditional love for self and others. The Lovers can be confirmation of this being your Divine counterpart, so if this resonates, also take that, but in this week's reading, the emphasis is far more on the first two interpretations.

With the Three of Pentacles following, this is assurance that collaboration and relying on a support system can bring the Feminine forward in their journey, more so than they may be able to do if trying to go about it all alone. The Twin Flame journey can be really hard, but if support is there, the Divine Feminine is highly encouraged to seek it out this week. Claiming support can often be the launching pad for their Union.

The Hierophant then appears as a focus back on their spiritual growth and life purpose. A key component for the Feminines this week is to shift the focus back towards themselves. Reconnecting with their divine purpose, or if they are not certain of what that is then the continuation of exploring it, will be key in balancing a lot of their energy in this current week. In connection to their Twin Flame, this can be evaluating what the Feminine wants out of a traditional and spiritual connection with their partner and creating a Love List as a way of guiding them with their Twin Flame connection.

The Divine Masculine is moving through a heavier energy in this new week. There is a sense of feeling burdened by rushed decisions or ones not fully thought out, and navigating the consequences of those actions. This is especially true in connection with emotional decisions for the Masculine.

Seven of Swords carries a lot of resentful or dishonest energy. That is not to say that the Divine Masculine is carrying the energy of being deceitful or dishonest by being "shady" themselves. Specifically, there is dishonesty within themselves that is bubbling to the surface for many in the Divine Masculine collective. It begs the question, "Where have I been lying to myself? How am I not honoring myself or my inner truth?"

It is actually the Seven of Swords WITH the Knight of Wands that really brings the Masculine's focus this week from one of deceit to very clearly there is something that the Masculine has decided, done, or "committed to" that is not aligning with what their true desires are or where their heart is. It is instead prompting the question, "What have I done?" The Masculine collective is reminded that rushing things or making quick reckless choices that may "seem" like the right move does not mean that is what is the right choice for them or what really aligns with their heart.

It's with the Ace of Cups that really points all the uncertain energy towards this being a decision made in terms of a romantic connection, likely with their Twin Flame. Whether this be they have committed outside of that Twin Flame connection and are now feeling the regret of it, or they are not honoring it in general, it is all around the truth they have in their heart. The Masculine collective is being called to take a second look at those choices and recognize that they are capable of changing choices in an instant and they can choose for the better. It is never too late to honor your heart.

The current energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine this week surrounds the concept of stagnation and feeling unfulfilled within a connection, but looking for the strength to push through and persevere.

The Four of Cups right off the bat indicates that both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling very let down within their connection to their Divine partner. This could speak to those in separation a lot heavier than those in Union; however, this does not have to exclusively apply to those in separation. There is a feeling of dissatisfaction with the way things currently are and both partners have their "head down", not fully seeing the actual abundance of love that is before and ahead of them.

With the Hanged Man this backs that previous motion of feeling stuck in this space of feeling let down with their Twin and how things are currently presenting between them. The Hanged Man immediately following the Four of Cups is speaking loudly a reminder to both the Masculine and the Feminine: DO NOT GET SO IN YOUR HEAD THAT YOU FORGET TO LOOK AT THE OPPORTUNITIES AROUND YOU!

What this means is that there is always a way forward with this energy (which we will cover next, don't worry 😊) and there is always more on the horizon than what we are currently seeing.

The "more" in question here is presented with The Strength card. Both partners know deep down that they are capable of pushing through this energy and they are capable of bridging this gap in their connection, even if the voice of that inner knowing feels really small right now. The Strength shows this battle of wanting to give up and throw their head down and wanting to stand back up and keep going. It has been said a thousand times over, but the Twin Flame is not easy. It never will be, even when in Union. That is because we are constantly shown where we need to heal more and that can be both a blessing and a curse (not really a curse, but it can be frustrating for sure). Both Divine Partners are being reminded this week that they do have the strength to keep going.

First things first, it is important remember that there is no energy that is not capable of being moved through, healed, or changed. Even when it feels as heavy as it may this week (or let's be honest ANY given week), it can be and it WILL be worked through. For this current week, the way through the connecting energy between the Divine Masculine and Feminine surrounds understanding and embracing the raw energy of personal power and choice.

The Magician is a strong start for moving through the energy this week, because it points both the Masculine and the Feminine back towards the self. Discovery of the self and embracing their power really opens up so many opportunities for their desires to manifest. It should even go so far as to say that both the Masculine and the Feminine have the ability to manifest their desires should they choose to believe it and trust in themselves and God/Source.

The King of Pentacles following this represents success in this "blind faith" that the Magician is calling for. There is so much more abundance ahead if the Masculine and the Feminine just release the idea of control and embrace the truth of allowing. Simply choosing to allow everything to unfold magically as it is meant to and knowing that they are doing everything right and calling in their Twin Flame perfectly. The King of Pentacles shows us not only reward here but also long-term stability and sustainability in the end result, that being their Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

The Two of Swords circles us back to what really is important to emphasize this week: The importance of choice. Your Twin Flame is a direct mirror to you and the choices you make, and it works both ways as you make choices together at your core. Maybe choices aren't reflected back in real time, but they will always be reflected back and it is through the power of choosing correctly (aka, what aligns with you, your heart, and your truth) that both the Masculine and the Feminine will really see the difference in their Twin Flame connection and how Union manifests. The message here is clear:

Choose better. Choose trust. Choose to heal. Choose to love. Choose your Twin Flame. Choose yourself.

Your Twin Flame will choose all of that too.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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