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Twin Flame Channeled Energy Read: 02/26/24

We are back!!

Our sincerest apologies for missing the in-depth version of last week's collective energy. Even our staff (or at least me) gets caught up in the heavy releasing and upsets on this journey and the blog slipped past me last weekend. It be like that.

But we are back and ready to deliver this week's in-depth Divine Twin Flame Collective Energy Reading. Due to missing last week's in-depth version, we are just jumping straight into what this week has in store, and boy is it juicy. There are a lot of emotions surfacing for both the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, and I can confidently say that it is in both of the polarities' best interest, to bring them closer to Union!

In this new week, the Divine Feminine collective is really moving forward towards their Twin Flame Union with a balance of the positive and the negative emotions that surface by doing so.

With the Four of Wands to start off this week, the Divine Feminine really is honing in on the "eyes on the prize" energy that is needed to energize them forward. They see their Union with their Twin Flame as this prize and move forward towards that with energetic and loving excitement, even when faced with upsets. This is a strength to hold onto as we do also see the Divine Feminine confronting the parts of themselves that are not as joyous as their incoming Union, such as their shadow selves and the ways they've been hurt.

We do see with The Devil card that the Feminine collective is confronting ego, temptation, materialism, and/or addiction. This is an invitation in this new week for the Divine Feminine to take inventory and really reflect on the negative elements about themselves. Once they acknowledge the negative in their life, that is when the Feminine will be able to break free of those cycles and patterns. This also serves as a reminder to not lose sight on the prize (aka their Union and ascension) when navigating their path. Holding true to their beliefs and values will be very helpful in guiding the Feminine collective.

This is backed by the Ace of Swords, which is a beginning or opportunity to take action with thoughtful intention. This is cutting ties with what no longer serves them and moving forward with their truth and their Union in mind and heart.

The Divine Masculine is moving through this upcoming with far more focus on their own spiritual journey. There is deep truth that is being accepted by the Masculine, which is that the personal and spiritual journey they take goes hand in hand with their Twin Flame journey, and their focus is on tending to the spiritual side trusting that it will also guide the Divine love side.

The Five of Pentacles is typically regarding loss of material goods; however, what is specifically being channeled here for the Divine Masculine is less around a loss and more so around the focus of their 3D. There could be things that they need to "lose" in order to progress forward and that can be presented as a challenge in and of itself. This can trigger feelings of instability, lack of control, or lack of safety. A loving reminder for the Masculine collective: You are not losing control of your journey or your ultimate outcome. In fact, this is the Masculine's calling to do so with intention and take charge of what is around them that needs to go in honor of their highest growth.

The Hierophant comes next as confirmation that this "loss" is in honor of the Masculine's greatest good. The tree of ascension which bears the fruit of Union cannot grow from a dead garden. Weeds need to be pulled, dead brush needs to be cut. No fear needs to be had when stripping away what no longer serves them so that something new and better can be born. The Hierophant is guiding the Masculine back to themselves, forward towards their Union, and higher towards their Ascension, and it is a calling to do so with authority.

As the Masculine navigates these hurdles this week, balance and flexibility will be required to help guide them, as indicated by the Two of Pentacles. An equilibrium is needed to rest and care for themselves, while still being proactive in allowing the loss of what no longer serving them, as well as processing that loss and the feelings around it. It is also a reminder that staying positive and trusting that this is aiding them in the long run is essential.

For the current energy between the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine... holy moly, triple Major Arcana?! Talk about some powerful feelings are surfacing. It should not be very suprising for either the Masculine, nor the Feminine if they feel strong telepathic communication or each other's energy in this new week.. (as a heads up!).

Judgement is indicating here that both the Masculine and the Feminine are feeling the call to rise above their limitations and perceived barriers to their Twin Flame Union. Both of the Divine partners are feeling the call to look within and see what is truly holding up their Union, as both of them are feeling their share of the responsibility of their Union. This is a great week for both reflection and then acting to change for the better. Judgement is also showing both the polarities that they are the master of their reality and their Union, and that there is a transformation happening.

Both the Masculine and the Feminine are tapping into their inner Strength this week to navigate these feelings and this surge of inspiration to act. Both the Masculine and the Feminine are far, far more strong and capable than either is willing to acknowledge about themselves, and this week they are feeling that strength bursting through them. It is a trust that they can do this.. That they CAN achieve their Harmonious Union. (Hint: they are right)

With all of this action, motivation, and divine power they are feeling, the Hermit is presenting for the shared energy between the Masculine and the Feminine as a reminder to go within. This surge of enthusiasm for progress is needing to be balanced with some quiet introspection and self-discovery, as that allows both the Divine partners to reflect on everything that is happening to them in this week, as well as connect to their inner Source and their Twin Flame.

In terms of how to move through the energy of this current week, the Knight of Swords is the reminder for the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine to be brave and trust in this journey. To trust in themselves that they can handle anything being presented to them and that they are strong enough to heal through it. The Knight of Swords is reminding the Masculine and the Feminine to charge forward fearlessly and to not be afraid of what is or what could be. The focus only needs to be on the right here and now, and charging one upset at a time.

The Eight of Swords and the Four of Pentacles appear next as an indicator of where focus and healing may be needed most in this new week.

The Eight of Swords can be an indicator of mental imprisonment, negative thoughts, fear, anxiety... In this new week, the Masculine and the Feminine should pay close attention to where or how this manifests, as that is what needs to be targeted to heal. There is nothing to fear on this journey. Holding onto limiting beliefs, whether it is that Union is not possible for them or doubts about their own divinity, is only keeping them from achieving their truest potential and their permanent relationship with their Twin Flame. There ain't no time for that!

The Four of Pentacles shows that there is reluctance to let go that needs to be healed through for both of the Divine polarities. For many, this could be a fear of releasing what feels "safe" in order to welcome in their true Twin Flame. For others, this could be a fear of releasing or losing control of their journey. However this hesitation to release appears, the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine need to pay attention to how this shows up for them in this week, as that is pointing them both to where more healing is needed.

Stay Blessed ✌️

~Written by Tay Springer

Thank you for reading this week's Divine Collective Energy reading!

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