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The Twin Flame Journey: The Divine Masculine Perspective

The Divine Masculine desires to shower his woman with love. He wants to provide and protect her, making sure she is safe. Overall, he wants to give her the support she desires as the feminine so she can express her femininity, nurture him, and raise a family together.

He thinks about love all the time. How amazing it would be to wake up every morning to his Twin Flame, gazing into her eyes, and her gazing at him feeling all the love they have for each other. He thinks about how blessed he is to get to spend his life with such an incredible woman. It's everything he's dreamed of and being able to live it is heaven simply put!

As a man having his women who matches him perfectly, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, intellectually and sexually is just mind blowing and perfect. He wants nothing more because a love like that doesn't get any better. It's perfect as it is.

It goes even deeper too. He desires to pursue his hobbies and his career with her. As they come together into Harmonious Twin Flame Union, they realize they equally desire the same purpose in life to impact the world as each in their own divinity of the masculine and feminine combine their strengths that perfectly complement each other making their purpose in life so much more powerful.

He wants to give love to his Twin Flame in every way she desires, just as much as she wants to receive that love and return it back.

This is why the relationship is so perfect when living in harmony together. Twin Flame's match each other perfectly.

For all the feminines reading this, have you made your love list? Detailing everything you desire in your man?

He wants to fulfill those love desires for you and he will just as you will for him as you both choose God first.

Do you want him to get to know your soul, on a deep level. Intimately connecting with YOU on a spiritual level?

You want to be held?

Feel safe in his presence, etc.?

He wants to fulfill all of that for you.

Just know no matter what you may be going through in your life and in your Union with your Twin Flame, whether you know him or not, he wants to be with you just as much as you want to be with him. He desires you and everything you are! You are PERFECT for him!

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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