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The Tower Moment: a Collective Journey


In the realm of tarot readings, The Tower card signifies sudden and disruptive change, tearing down old structures to make way for something new. Interestingly, this concept can also be metaphorically applied to our current collective human experience. Over the past few years, and especially intensified during the global pandemic, we have found ourselves collectively moving through what can be described as a "Tower moment." Let's dive deeper into this intriguing phenomenon and explore the challenges, opportunities, and potential for transformation it brings.

The Tower Moment Unveiled

The Tower moment is a period of deep upheaval, marked by the crumbling of long-standing systems, structures, beliefs, and ideologies. It is a time of chaos, uncertainty, and discomfort. Just like the lightning striking the tower on the tarot card, this moment demands attention, shaking our foundations and forcing us to reassess our lives individually and as a society.

Collective Disruption

Throughout history, there have been several moments where societies have traversed through a Tower moment. The Renaissance, the French Revolution, and the civil rights movement are a few examples of such pivotal periods in human history. Similarly, today, we find ourselves in the midst of a profound Tower moment, driven by diverse factors such as climate change, economic disparities, political polarization, and the technological revolution.

Challenges in the Tower Moment

Embracing a Tower moment is not easy. It comes with immense challenges. We witness the crumbling of traditional norms, the rise of disinformation, deepening divisions, and a profound sense of uncertainty about the future. The discomfort and anxiety induced by this moment can be overwhelming, leaving many feeling lost, fragmented, and disconnected.

Opportunities for Transformation

Amidst the upheaval, the Tower moment also presents valuable opportunities for transformative growth. As the old structures collapse, we are invited to reevaluate our values, belief systems, and priorities. We have an opening to build a new foundation based on empathy, sustainability, equality, and justice.

Collective Awakening and Activism

One of the most potent responses to the Tower moment is the collective awakening that emerges. As old paradigms reveal their flaws, many individuals begin questioning their own roles in perpetuating systemic issues. This introspective process often leads to a passionate drive for change. The Tower moment has encouraged people to advocate for causes like climate action, racial justice, and socioeconomic equality – demanding a reimagined future.

Embracing Transformation

To navigate the Tower moment successfully, it is crucial to embrace personal and collective transformation. It requires open-mindedness, adaptability, empathy, and a willingness to let go of outdated beliefs and practices. The process is undoubtedly challenging, but it offers immense scope for individual growth and the co-creation of a better, more inclusive world.


The Tower moment we find ourselves living through is not an easy phase; however, it holds tremendous potential. Together, we can harness this defining period of disruption to envision and actively work towards a more just, compassionate, and sustainable future. As individuals, communities, and societies, let us view these uncertain times as an opportunity for growth, renewal, and collective transformation. Together, we can rebuild the tower, stronger and more resilient than ever before.

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