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The Importance of a Love List

First in case you don't know and are asking, "What is a Love List?"

A Love list is simple and exactly how it sounds. It is a list of what you are looking for in your Twin Flame.

This list help you become aware of exactly what you are looking for in your Twin Flame. If you want certain things in them, you can have them and as you meet and connect with them you'll notice there are many points on your love list that are aligning with theirs perfectly.

Not only does it help you to understand what you're looking for, but in the actual connection in person when you show them your love list, the list will help speak more to your connection and show you YES, this is absolutely your Twin Flame!

Here is an example below of what a Love List can look like.

So how about you take the time when you are able to, sit down and start writing out your love list. So when you meet your Twin Flame, it'll help you recognize them. Or if believe you might already know your Twin Flame, then you connect with them on this and see if yours matches up with theirs. :)

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