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Tarot Readers, Twin Flames, & Terrible Fortunes

Ryan, a tarot reader confirmed who my twin flame was for me, but said we would never reconcile! Is that actually true??

The answer to this is a simple NO, and here is why!

When a Tarot Reader is giving you a channeled message, using a pendulum, or another form of divination, the information they are relaying to you is not the end all be all. All it is is guidance and that's it.

Yes, some things a reader can say may be very accurate and resonate. It can seem like you are being given all the answers and what they are reading is the complete truth, end of story. But guess what? The energy that is being picked up is actually already in your consciousness. Readers are picking up your current energy, so they are really just speaking to what is happening in your reality based on your current inner beliefs.

If you are ever told you will not reconcile with your ultimate lover, it's not that they are misleading you; rather, deep down you believe that you will not reconcile with your Twin Flame and achieve Harmonious Union. That is a block for you to work through and release that bad feeling keeping you from that reconciliation.

If a tarot reader tells you that you and your Twin Flame will never reconcile, instead of becoming upset over it and losing hope, allow it to illuminate the block for you to work through. Allow it to show you where you need to heal and choose to give yourself love there knowing your union is guaranteed.

Tarot readers cannot tell you who your Twin Flame is or predict the future with absolute certainty; only God knows that. By working with Him, you can work to get in alignment with your divine union. YOU can claim that.

All Twin Flames are meant to be in Harmonious Union and will reconcile as they are ready to. If you choose to reconcile with your Twin Flame and really do the inner healing work to manifest it, it will happen.


Divine Masculine and Feminine Reading

Divine Masculine - Magician's Sword (Confidence in your Magic)

You are being called to follow your heart... to trust that you are a powerful being that co-creates with the divine. Look where you do not feel fully worthy of the love you desire in your heart. Give yourself love there. You are a FULL cup of magic that is overflowing with abundance. Release any thoughts that you are not completely full of the love that you desire already. You hold all of the love you deserve within you.

Connecting deeper to self-love will lead the way to your manifesting powers, every time. You have the magic, armor, & sword to create what you have always dreamed of!

Divine Feminine - Garden of Venus (Rest and Renewal)

It is time to create more love in the garden of your heart. Your heart is calling for you to release your upsets. Though this may cause hurt, confusion, and self-doubt, it is needed in order to fill those places of hurt with more love. Trust that self-love will turn into more love that will manifest the peaceful radiance that you've desired in your physical reality. As you choose for that love to continuously expand you will realize how much support you are receiving from the Divine, and how much support you have already been receiving.


Claim your Twin Flame Harmonious Union Now!

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