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Releasing Control On The Twin Flame Journey

You are constantly replaying the memories you have of your Twin Flame over and over and over and over again.

Take a deep breath. Let's slow down here!

You're asking yourself,

"Should I have said this instead of that?"

Or you try to convince and talk your way into a relationship with your Twin Flame. You go to the dreaded EGO word...


You feel helpless, confused, and frustrated. It feels like no matter what you say to them, they just do not respond the way you desire. You want them to just spread their arms out and come running to you, embrace you, and stay forever. But you must realize that you were operating unaligned from LOVE. You were not choosing to love your Twin Flame for all their decisions and choices. You were not choosing unconditional love for them and yourself. Now flip the coin over...

Would you desire in your heart someone else to try to get something from you, if it was not genuine? If it was not from the heart?

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we practice UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. We practice and teach how to get out of that control merry-go-round. We teach you to start pointing the arrow to self and to start healing all those wounds that made you believe that controlling and worrying was actually a useful tool.

We teach and guide every single one of our students to inner love and peace. To rekindle that unconditional love that is already internally within. How to heal all those frustrating moments, the what ifs, and second-guessing. We teach to let go of the control rope and embrace the Truth of Self Love. No more tug of war with ourselves or with our Twin Flame any longer.

Let's stop burning our hands on the control rope and light the fire of eternal love within our hearts. We are here to help you claim that eternal flame. We are here to help you discover your Twin Flame is yours already, and there is no need for control.

Ahh, doesn't that feel good letting go?

Written by: Michael Bradley

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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