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Updated: May 5, 2023

The ego is the insanity that feels so chaotic on this journey. The ego is doing it’s best to keep you away from yourself & your ultimate lover. On this journey my Twin and I always felt insane for what we shared. Almost like no don’t go there it’s going to piss the world off too much.. & it did and we gave that mf way too much respect.

I remember not speaking with my Twin for months and getting on the phone like nothing changed of course and her shyly asking what my parents thought of us being together because of her age and having children. Even though they did say they were okay with it, it was a huge problem for them. They never wanted to really talk about my relationship with her or pretty much anything in my life that didn’t have to do with their little circle of bs.. I don’t connect with my family for this exact reason, they chose ego over everything. They always had chosen control over love and this was just one really big instance. They chose to disrespect my heart and expression of it without choosing to connect in any way to what was real for me. I had to be a carbon copy of my father or I was nothing. The issue for him is that most of my life I’ve just been me and got through life without his help, other than financial support growing up and to help me with college and living while there. So whatever he really sucks and is just mad at his dad who served in Vietnam and destroyed all of his dreams so he was the same way towards me. There was no emotional support really, and everything was about him. He tried to live through me and get what he wanted while keeping me at a distance. My dad was so shitty looking back.

The voice of another speaking against your heart is the voice of ego. Whoever it may be that isn’t seeing you clearly all can be forgiven as you go deeper in your trust with God. I’m learning to forgive my family and set them free and I feel my Union expand and feel safe. Safety is so important with your Twin Flame because with it there is a calm created that can expand rather than a paranoid energy of fight or flight.

You must feel safe to express yourself & express yourself you must. The ego will control you here until you stand firm in who you are.

Most people are choosing to hold you down with ego or illusion from a place of auto pilot where it’s just what they do is hate and tear down.

It’s time to overcome that voice, it’s time to stop feeling guilty for being who God created you to be, and it’s time to open up to the truth that God desires to share through you.

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