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My Twin Flame Won't Commit to a Serious Relationship with Me.

You've heard it over and over again.... They say they love you and they feel this unique connection, but when you try to have a relationship with them, they freeze up faster than Jack Frost!

This is very common with your Twin Flame. But here is the secret... You don't have to keep swirling around and around as if you were stuck inside of a snow globe!

Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate mirror. They are your spiritual helper who guides you to God and to more love within yourself. We must ask ourselves where we are not fully committing to the relationship, we have with ourselves.

Let's ask. Where are you not loving yourself?

In what ways do you believe you are not deserving of true love?

Where are you using control with your Twin Flame rather than allowing and trusting the process?

Where are you trying to use your Twin Flame to make yourself feel better?

What are you trying to get from them by having them to commit to a relationship with you?

Are we fully following our hearts to where it is being guided?

There is no shame in any of these answers. We are all working on committing to an unconditionally loving relationship with ourselves. But these answers will serve a key component in helping you heal through those blocks and put self-love in all those spaces where there was judgement.

Not to mention... when we start to practice self-love in ALL the areas up above, our Twin Flame finds this very sexy and cannot help but be attracted to us! When we practice self-love in all corners of our hearts, our Twin Flame shall desire to be in a committed relationship with us.

Are you ready to end the frostbite nipping at your heart of your Twin Flame and jingle into Harmonious Union?

Are you ready for an eternity of gifts from your True Love instead of just the 12 days of Christmas? Are you ready for your Twin Flame to sing: 🎶 Allllllll I wannnnnt for eternity is youuuuu?! 🎶

Yep, that's what Mariah Carey really meant...

Santa is checking his list and doesn't even have to check it twice to know that God desires you with Your Twin Flame.

Feliz Navidad...

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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