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My Twin Flame is Being a Jerk...AGAIN!

We have all been there before... where our Twin Flame is being mean to us, saying hurtful things, and not treating us the way we know we deserve. That NEVER feels good. As hurtful as it can be, we must remember that deep in their heart, at their core, they love us unconditionally and are just showing us all the areas that we are being mean to ourselves.

"How am I being mean to myself??"

Great question! Let's take a look at some examples that we may have overlooked of where we could be being mean to ourselves.

We sometimes, without even consciously knowing, have put ourselves down. We may think we are not good enough to be with our Twin Flame, be scared of love, put ourselves down physically, believe we aren't attractive enough for our Twin Flame, or call ourselves names when we think we did something bad. These are all some examples of where we could be being mean to ourselves. What we truly desire to do is to be loving to ourselves and to accept all of what we are in a loving peaceful way.

That is how we will be so attractive to our Twin Flame, to make them want to come swooping back into our arms! Self-love is the process that God desires for us; to show us that He loves us unconditionally.

Twin Flames Reality is dedicated to guiding you through those blocks, those upsets. To help you forgive those past versions of yourself, and to top it off with a nice big cherry of love on top!

We have the experience and the Teachings Of Union that are presented by Jeff & Shaleia, the Twin Flame experts.

Are you ready to discover that you are a cup of love that is always overflowing with love and NEVER half full?

Endless refills...

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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