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My India trip 🇮🇳

Updated: May 5, 2023

India was the exact trip I needed on my Twin Flame journey in order to face myself and a lot of my fears of love. I only knew I was going 3 weeks before we took the 16 hour plane ride to get there. A lot of feelings, fears, and joy had all hit me just at once and a lot came up as the days came closer and closer to the trip of a lifetime.

God really desired for me to go and God through my cousin and aunt really supported that desire that was in God's heart for me to experience India. When we first arrived I was feeling a bit scared and unsafe of the intensity of the people, who were very poor and looking to receive financial help from the American. I obviously helped here and there as I could and it felt good, but really just had enough for my own self to get through a two week trip.

We saw many sites and visited many temples and old buildings with so much rich inner and outer beauty like the Red Fort, Akshardham, Lotus Temple, and the great and powerful Taj Mahal, which was really incredible to experience in the physical. Each place and city we had visited all had their own vibe and their own unique power and also their own flaws and issues. One thing I loved most was that everyone I had come across while there had a strong understanding and love for God in some way.

Akshardham was my favorite place to visit while we were in the central parts of India in the cities. It was like Disney World for Spiritual people and had such a magnetizing healing energy about it that was just so pure and loving. The outside and inside of the building were a dream and truly unbelievable to witness. So happy that my friend Vikas from my spiritual community was able to tour me and my cousin around to this site and others. He greeted me with roses as well, which was a very healing experience. I never received roses from another man, but not for one second did I think this was strange but was an appreciation for me coming to visit his country. Very beautiful.

So this was my experience with the cities and I will go next into my experience in the foothills of the Himilayas.

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