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Loving My Twin Flame, Whilst Being Scared To Love Them.

You are in love with your Twin Flame, while also being scared to love them. Make it make sense!

You aren't alone in this. It's extremely common amongst Twin Flames to feel this way. You feel so much love for them, but then you are also scared to get close and fully love them. You are scared to get hurt, rejected, or ignored.

"Oh No! What do I do?!"

Remember this, Your Twin Flame is your Ultimate Mirror.

They are designed to be your ultimate lover and your spiritual teacher. They are always going to show you the places you are not fully loving yourself. So when you are scared to fully let them in or scared of rejection, there is a part of you that needs to be healed.

Whether this wound came from past relationships or childhood, your Twin Flame will mirror it to you and bring it to the forefront so you can heal it. They are teaching you that it is safe to both give and receive love.

Typically for most Twin Flames, the core block is fear of abandonment and rejection. So, go deep here within your heart and search all the areas that need to be loved, embraced, and let go of.

There also may be areas where you may not be fully accepting yourself or thinking you are not fully worthy of the love you desire. You can let that go and heal all of that with Love!

No need to be scared of loving your Twin flame. No need to put them on a pedestal. No need to run from love. In fact, you want to run towards love. Embrace yourself fully and realize that you are a divine being who is fully worthy of all the love you desire.

So, come run on into Twin Flames Reality, where we shall 100% support you and help you discover all that is your truth within. Help you navigate that path. Heck, we'll run alongside you as you run towards love...

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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