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Law of Attraction vs. Harmonious Twin Flame Union

I'm sure you've heard of the Law of Attraction already. Maybe you've seen the movie The Secret where it was said, "if you think of what you want and no matter what with every ounce of your soul, believe you will achieve your goal, you will manifest it. The only thing you must do is put the effort and work to attract it and the universe will eventually reward you with what you've been wanting."

For many people they envision their dream house or their dream car. It could even be a vacation that is desired. Really no matter what it is, with this belief that it's already yours and claiming it fully, it just happens. It's really quite magical that life can work this way and has proven to work this way for so many people.

My perspective of these two topics

I lived a pretty abundant childhood since my father owned his own construction company that was very successful. Unfortunately, he was struck with a disease making him handicap and incapable of working, so his business went under, and money became scarce. After years and years of financial struggle as a result of his sickness, I grew tired of the change in lifestyle.

Fast forward, I was now 18 years old and knew, that no matter what, I wanted that life of abundance back. I wanted to be wealthy... to live how I used to. My mother recommended I watch The Secret and learn about the Law of Attraction, which is exactly what I did. I learned exactly what I mentioned previously in this blog and just thought to myself...

Is it that simple?

Just think of what I want, believe it entirely and it will happen?

If it was so easy, then there was no reason why I couldn't do it too. So that's exactly what I did. Now fast forward 4 years later, that reality manifested for me. I made an incredible amount of money for a 22-year-old in a short period of time and experienced the wealth and financial freedom I desired.

Now how does the journey into Harmonious Twin Flame Union compare to the Law of Attraction?

Well let's start off by talking about Harmonious Twin Flame Union and what it means.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union is simply the achievement of manifesting your Twin Flame into your life by coming into Union with God and living out your life purpose with them. Now what I came to realize as I began to pursue my Harmonious Twin Flame Union is that it felt like in a way it IS the Law of Attraction.

(Mind you, Harmonious Twin Flame Union is also the achievement of starting your Ascension Path to living Heaven on Earth.)

When you pursue your dreams and desire and have full faith in the universe that it will happen, you are really pursing your dreams with God, our divine creator and the wealth that I desired was really coming from him. Now as I began pursuing Harmonious Twin Flame Union, I learned I could take the same energy of believing I was already wealthy but just had to manifest it and put the same confidence/belief into my Harmonious Twin Flame Union.

Harmonious Twin Flame Union just requires you to heal through your trauma and pain and believe you're one with God and ONE with your Twin Flame/Ultimate Lover, and fully believe it to have it.

So, by coming into Union with God in those areas of your life you desire you can manifest your dreams as he is the one who blesses you with everything into your physical reality.

So what's the point of this whole story?

Your every dream and desire that you can use the "Law of Attraction" to manifest into your life is just trusting God that you will have what you're looking for. This includes your wealth and Harmonious Twin Flame Union. Everything comes from our creator.

Written by: Jonathan Lord

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