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It's time for Union NOW. Let's uncover your blocks together!

Does my Twin Flame think about me?

Yes, your Twin Flame thinks about you because they desire to have a connection with you. You are looking for your one true love and so are they, and that is YOU.

We are always naturally in Union but ego causes us to believe we are in separation.

You share the same consciousness and thoughts as your Twin Flame so the feeling and connection they are looking for is found with YOU.

If my Twin Flame thinks about me too, then why are we not together?

This is because you still see your Twin Flame being separated in spirit from you. Your Twin Flame is always with you in spirit and it is up to you to come to the realization that you are both one and in Union with God already, not just knowing it, but also feeling it within your heart.

It is the feeling of peace and joy. That is God’s vibration.

So what can I do to help me evolve into that vibration?

Go to Twin Flames Reality social media on Instagram and TikTok for a link to join our Discord channel where you can learn about “The Mirror Exercise”.

AND…. better yet, click this link here > Free - Twin Flames Universe and you will be able to access the FREE Twin Flames Universe Introductory course and receive your first coaching session with me 50% OFF by using code “ecourse50” on my website after registering.

The Mirror Exercise is crucial for setting up a healing foundation for your union, allowing you to uncover what is keeping you upset and in separation. As you get clear on these feelings, you will bring love into these spaces in order to heal and dive deeper into your Union with God and your Twin Flame.

Claim Your Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

End Twin Flame separation once and for all by signing up for the Free Twin Flame Introductory Ascension Coach, available at

Schedule a Twin Flame coaching session with me to receive expert guidance and support.

Book your Twin Flame Energy Reading with me.

Join the Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum on Facebook to connect with other Twin Flames on their journey to Harmonious Union.

Follow me on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

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