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Is Twin Flame Ascension School Worth It?

Let's first start and ask for all of you who don't know. TFAS is short for...

Twin Flame Ascension School

What exactly is the purpose of Twin Flame Ascension School (TFAS)?

Twin Flame Ascension School is an online school created by Twin Flame couple Jeff and Shaleia, who founded Twin Flame Universe and created Twin Flame Ascension School.

The purpose of it is to help guide you closer to love, closer to self love and mastery of yourself. When you do this, it attracts many things such as your Twin Flame and abundance within your finances/career.

In order to have these things, you have to work past all the bad feelings you feel in your heart. During this process many triggers will come up that bother you, but all it's really doing is bringing those bad feelings to the surface for you to face and heal them with love. As you do this, you start to feel better and many members of Twin Flame Universe through these teachings, which originates from "The Teaching of Union", have experienced much success with an uplifted spirit, myself included.

What is awesome about it is that the school is packed with hundreds of classes where members of the community share themselves and what they are going through. You get to hear so many different experiences, so in some way, you can always find someone or something you resonate with. This is because we are all connected and experience similar things. So, as the answer to getting past your triggers are taught, you will learn how to purify your consciousness. It really makes you feel great and improves your quality of life.

Alongside all this, you can learn how to romance yourself which is SUPER POWERFUL. The goal is that you get to live in harmony with your dream come true love, while also being financially prosperous doing what you love to do. TFAS is the key to this.

How about all the recent media attention that bad mouths Twin Flame Universe, is it true?

When you're not a part of it and just get your information from the media, you can be easily persuaded against it. You are getting your information from a source that is paid to not only show the negatives, but to dramaticize and highlight the negatives to earn a profit. The bad is shown, but we all know there's always two sides to the coin. How about the good side?

After being a student of Jeff and Shaleia's for several months and going through the classes, they really do teach love and nothing is forced. It's very loving and gentle environment and you can grow at your own pace. A lot of the information used to bash it was very misleading and a misrepresentation of the truth.

What's interesting is that a lot of things in life that have grabbed mass adoption always get bashed and ridiculed before they are widely accepted. From my point of view, this is one of them.

So now the question is, "Is Twin Flame Ascension School worth it". In my opinion, absolutely YES. It's a valuable treasure to anyone who truly desires to explore themselves deeper and live a life in harmony of love with your Twin Flame. The transformation many people having already undergone by being a part of it, and now living with their Twin Flame is truly beautiful.

Written by: Jonathan Lord

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