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Is My Twin Flame On Earth With Me?

Is my Twin Flame on Earth at the same time as I am?

Is my Twin Flame alive? Does my Twin Flame incarnate at the same time I do?

These are very common questions for folks on the Twin Flame Journey. The answer to all of these questions is a resounding YES!

Your Twin Flame and you make the same core choices. So, you both chose before you manifested on to earth to be together on earth. You both have chosen to be here and to reunite this lifetime. Since your Twin Flame and you make the same core choices, if you are alive, your Twin Flame is still alive too. You have made the conscious decision to live as one and to be alive in the present. Your sacred bond can never be broken and the decisions you have made for this lifetime to be together will always draw you closer together!

Here at Twin Flames Reality, we will guide you, teach you, and support you about Twin Flames, through the teachings of Union that are so truthfully taught by Jeff and Shaleia. We understand that you may have a lot of questions and a lot of doubt or confusion. We are here to help you feel at peace and have confidence with that one true seed that God has planted in your heart: To be with your Twin Flame this lifetime!

P.S. Smile, you're doing great. Let's do great things together.

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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