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India trip


Last year around this time I visited the Northern area of India.

I visited cities like New Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and a few others. I also concluded the last 5 days of my trip in Rishikesh. I saw and toured brilliant temples like Akshardham and the Taj Mahal.

In the cities my trip was very rough as I wasn’t in great health and it was very humid. I had gone on this trip with a cousin who wasn’t too compassionate of my needs. It didn’t go very well for the first few days of my trip and I felt I wasn’t receiving what I had come for, which was to understand a relationship with God and Guru deeper.

Of course I worked through everything coming up and really found so much healing in what was showing up for me, which was really to trust God had brought me to India to learn and share my learnings.

When in Jaipur, the streets were flooded with people and there was so much going on around me that I couldn’t relax mentally .. We found a suit tailor shop to check out on our walk and it was just what I needed. The disciples/workers greeted me and the Guru/owner of the store was very quiet in the background just shining his light at the cash register. I walked up to him and said hello and right away he greeted me there and directed me to be supported by his disciple/employee. The guy looked like the Indian version of one of my uncle and really felt like family haha. We joked about that and he showed us around. The place had beautiful cloth for suits and their carpets were beautiful as well. They had images on the wall with many many different famous people that had come into their store and the coolest to me was the one of Zinedane Zidane (a French legend in football ⚽️)

I had such a great time here talking with the worker that I came back 3 days in a row and bought many gifts for myself and my Twin Flame. It was a real dream like store in the love it carried which was not something you experience often in the United States. (Especially a guru owning the store with his disciples working for him lol.)

Also, I will for sure be getting my suit tailored here for my wedding and sent out.. the prices and value are wild and the quality is top. Made with love 🥹

The third day I was feeling really overworked, overwhelmed and had pain in my chest.. the same disciple that I had been connecting with sat me down and made me some sort of healthy drink to help relieve me and put his hand over my shoulder. Within minutes I was healed in this space. I was so loved by these people that I never wanted to leave. It’s really showed me a healthy business that is designed in love and what that can do for you. It showed me what we are building here at Twin Flames Universe as well with Jeff and Shaleia leading the way.

I still am in contact with the worker to this day and like I said , I will be sure to purchase from them again. It just felt so good to experience a business being ran in a complete function of perfect love.


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