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If They Are My Twin Flame, Why Are They With Someone Else?

It can be very frustrating to see your Twin Flame with someone else. The dreaded 3rd party. The person who is seemingly stopping you from being with your beloved Twin Flame.

As Jeff & Shaleia have explained it, settling for someone other than your Twin Flame is like settling for a hairbrush instead of a hedgehog... it ain't the same thing! Even if your Twin Flame is currently with a "hairbrush", it does not compare to the love that they hold for you or that you hold for them. No situation or person can stop you from manifesting Union when you choose it in your heart!

How do I get my Twin Flame to end their relationship with their "Hairbrush"?

Trick question. You don't have to do anything! Don't tell them to stop their relationship with that person. Don't beg for them to come back. Don't blow up their phone or show up at their home or work to remind them of you. Instead, you go within. Here's what that means.

Your Twin Flame is your ultimate mirror. So, if your Twin Flame is with someone else, they are showing you deep inner wounds where you are not fully loving or choosing yourself. You might be scared of love, feel unworthy of love, that you will always be alone, or that you or your Twin Flame are too hard to be with.

It is OKAY to have those feelings!

To heal those bad feelings, you must love yourself by using the Mirror Exercise created by Jeff & Shaleia, the experts on Twin Flames. When we start to love ourselves deeper and heal all those inner wounds, our Twin Flame will simultaneously heal and end the relationship with the 3rd party and ultimately lead you towards a harmonious Twin Flame union! That's what makes the Twin Flame journey so spectacular. By working on yourself and healing within, your Twin Flame will realize they don't want their hairbrush and will choose to be with you, because you have now chosen yourself!

So, let's start learning the Mirror Exercise & roll up our sleeves & heal separation with our Twin, for eternity!

Only Love Is Real.
- A Course In Miracles

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