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Identifying Your Twin Flame

A lot of people on the Twin Flame journey experience some confusion on who their True Twin Flame is. But first, we must get clearer on what a Twin flame is exactly.

A Twin Flame is your ultimate partner. They check every box, cross every T, and dot every I with all of your desires. They are your ultimate mirror. They show you all the icky stuff that needs to be healed and replaced with love. But don't worry, the more you choose to love, the easier it will become for you.

So the golden rule that is taught by Jeff & Shaleia is, two things will happen with the person being presented to you as a Twin Flame:

1) They will naturally come closer to you within.

2) They will naturally fall off within.

The more we do the inner healing, either one or the other will occur with whoever is being presented to you as your Twin Flame. It is a very loving, natural process to reveal your Twin Flame, once you choose to commit to the healing and the self-love that is required. You will be able to identify who your true Twin Flame is through the deep love and bond you share with them. They will feel familiar to you and create a sense of peace within you. Being around them will feel like you have been graciously designed to be with them from the beginning and they will feel the same way about you. God has divinely and immaculately created this special person ONLY for you, so you will feel this oneness and know that there is no one else outside of them.

So if you are feeling stuck, confused, or uncertain of who your Twin Flame is, pop on into our loving group, where we will support you and guide you on your journey.

Are you ready to come home to your ONE true love? Hey, we feel you are. Cheers to you for deciding to take the journey to complete love! See You Soon...

Written by Michael Bradley

I Claim My Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now!

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