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How long will it take for me to get into Union?

Will I ever be with my twin, how long is this going to take?

First let's start off by saying every Twin Flame journey/story is unique to its own. Don't compare your journey to someone else's because everyone's journey is Divine.

We understand it can be frustrating, but it is all up to you to do the inner work which can be done using "The Mirror Exercise". This clears what is blocking you from your Union with your Twin Flame by helping you go within your heart and heal those spaces where you feel pain. And we are here to help you with that!

When you choose to go all in for your Union, & fully claim it in your heart, it will eventually manifest in your reality, because you are choosing that vibration in every part of your soul.

Here at Twin Flame Reality, we can help you learn how to navigate through your blocks which are false beliefs created by ego that prevents you from being with your Twin Flame.

We will help you learn the Teachings of Union via TFAS (Twin Flame Ascension School) that are so loving & Divinely taught by Jeff & Shaleia of Twin Flames Universe.

This is work that has been tried and tested and has resulted in numerous couples reaching their Harmonious Twin Flame Union. These people are just like the rest of us, all desiring to be with their Twin Flame and ultimately, will help you claim your Union so you get to be with your Twin Flame for eternity!

So come drop in, say hi to all of us, stick around for a while! You will be compassionately guided through all of your inner healing, all of those illusions & overthinking thoughts, that do not feel good. Let's create peace & love together, for eternity.

Lastly you can book any Coaching Session of your choice and Personal Reading using the links below.

... and just remember. By Purchasing TFAS you will receive 1 month FREE of Personal Coaching and 2 months FREE of Group Coaching!

Claim your Harmonious Twin Flame Union Now

End Twin Flame separation once and for all by signing up for the Free Twin Flame Introductory Ascension Coach, available at

Schedule a Twin Flame coaching session with me to receive expert guidance and support.

Book your Twin Flame Energy Reading with me.

Join the Twin Flames Universe: Open Forum on Facebook to connect with other Twin Flames on their journey to Harmonious Union.

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